Best time to visit Shimla for snow lovers

snow fall in shimla

Shimla is among the most beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. Snow capped peaks, tall Deodar trees, walk on a Mall road and what more a person can ask for. When I was in Shimla this year I was amazed to see how people were desperate about their visit to Kufri, just to feel the chills of snow in their spine. Just Imagine yourself during the month of May – June stuck somewhere in central India where the average temperature ranges from 35-45 degree celcious and at same time here in Shimla you can feel the coldness of Snow at Kufri…. Read moreBest time to visit Shimla for snow lovers

Unique Culture Of Himachal Pradesh, Costumes, Festivals, Temples

costumes of himachal pradesh

The people of Himachal pradesh are simple, sophisticated ,warm, friendly and hospitable. However they are very firm when it comes to their traditions.They are quite unaffected by external norms and fashion, therefore one can find an untouched beauty in their lifestyle.They are proud of their rich cultural heritage at the same time being friendly to outsiders and visitors.Their passion for life reflects in their amazing colorful dressing and splendid festivals. People and culture Around 90% of Population of Himachalis consists of Hindus. But in some areas there is majority of Buddhist population because of the nearness of the state of… Read moreUnique Culture Of Himachal Pradesh, Costumes, Festivals, Temples

10 Main Places To Visit In Kullu

naggar village kullu main place to visit in kullu

The Himalayan district of Kullu has so many places to explore within. Paradises that are calling you to have an experience of being in heaven. So, here is a list of top 10 main places to visit in Kullu 1.Manali town The modern manali town is a major touristic heavenly view of snow packed mountains, on.emerging from the e mall road or no vehicle road is surrounded by hundreds of shops of local handicrafts, traditional eateries,  fast food corners and everything you wanted to shop and take home. The traditional kullvi dance in the mall road is eye catching; you can enjoy it… Read more10 Main Places To Visit In Kullu