Here are top must-visit Temples in Hyderabad

Whenever it comes to a city known for its historical significance, the answer will always be Hyderabad without a doubt. The city’s beautiful temples, culture, ancient landmarks, wonderful mosques, art, and architecture make Hyderabad a full-fledged package when it is about planning for your perfect vacation. Since we are talking about some must-visit temples in Hyderabad, let us tell you that the city is home to numerous outstanding divine destinations where you cannot only explore and learn the history behind them but gain some inner peace in the spirit of Vedic chants, for more you can check routeprints’s experience. So, here’s your list of some popular temples in Hyderabad. Plan a trip soon with your family or friends and go for darshan.

Birla Mandir

Well, technically your trip to Hyderabad would be considered incomplete if you don’t move to this temple. So, hereby starting with this very important and famous temple in the city i.e. Birla Mandir. The temple sits on a height of 280ft high hill and is situated in Khairatabad. Also, the temple is even visible from a number of areas in Hyderabad. Built around 50 years ago, this temple made of white marble is still one of the recommended places to visit in Hyderabad tourism. The temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara and has idols of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Laxmi Devi, Sai baba, etc. When you visit the temple, don’t forget to admire the architectural beauty of the place, which is a beautiful blend of Rajasthani, Utkala, and Dravidian style.

Film Nagar Daiva Sannidhanam

Is there anyone who loves binge watching Telugu movies? If yes, then you must have seen this temple a number of times on screen. The temple is situated in the Film Nagar, Jubilee Hills. This beauty made of white marble is captured in many shots of different movies. The temple daily opens at 6:30 in the morning and remains closed on weekends. So, you need to plan accordingly only on weekdays. Though the main idol of the temple is of Venkateshwara Swamy, the temple has other shrines as well for Lord Ganesh, Hanuman, Lord Rama, and many more.

Chilkur Balaji Temple 

Attention all those who are struggling hard to get their visas approved, here’s one more thing you can try out. You never know things might work out. Chilkur BalajiTemple in Hyderabad popularly known as Visa Balajiis the place you need to go and pay your gratitude. This 14-century temple is situated in Gandipet and the best part about visiting the temple is that it doesn’t offer any money from the visitors. Another reason, why you should not miss visiting the temple is that the temple allows you to explore the cultural heritage of the city’s one of the oldest temples. Also, you can try out some tempting food items at the restaurants nearby the temple. 

Sitaram Bagh Temple 

Let’s move to the temple, which is 200-year old. Yes, you heard that right? Sitaram Bagh temple, situated near Mangalghat is a perfect example of ethereal beauty. Unfortunately, the temple attracts a limited number of visitors on the regular days but remain full of people during Rama Navami. The temple is built in delicate white and accompanied with red, giving the temple a modern look. When you visit the temple, you’ll see wells, goshala, and a massive bath area with ancient-looking tumbledown steps. Do visit this temple spread across 25-acre of an area and appreciate different historical beauties, its architecture, sculptures, wall arts and explore the India.

Karmanghat Hanuman Temple 

So, you have learned about a 200-year-old temple, now take a look at the 800-year old temple that was built during the 11th century under the supervision of the Kakatiya monarchs. The temple is considered one of the oldest temples in the country and is devoted to Lord Hanuman. There’s one belief that almost every Indian out there believe that Lord Hanuman is the most powerful Gods ever. Epics say that once a visitor was a Kakatiya ruler was relaxing there and heard some voices saying Lord Rama and found a carving of Hanuman. Ever since a large number of devotees come here to seek blessings from God.


Peddamma Talli Temple 

This one of the famous temples situated on the main road of Jubilee Hills attracts a large number of tourists and devotees every single day. The temple is not only known as an important landmark in the city but also a must-visit place when in the city of Hyderabad. The beauty and charm of this temple during the time of Durga Puja Celebrations is definitely something that is able to leave you spellbound when the entire temple is decorated amazingly. Those who are visiting the temple for the first time should plan accordingly keeping the dates of Puja in mind. Also, those who have already visited the temple, try to pay for another visit. Another amazing thing about the puja is you’ll get to see a different and new theme during the celebrations dedicated to the avatar of Goddess Durga.


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