How To Plan a Budget Trip To Manali

budget trip to manali

Manali is one of the most beautiful and alluring place in Himachal Pradesh. One need not to take many holidays to explore this vibrant hill station in Kullu valley, even a 3 days of backpacking is enough.

The vibrant and colorful Manali, Himachal Pradesh, is a famous tourist destination in India. The things that make Manali mesmerizing and breathtaking are just many. The amazing weather, mountains and the lush green forests are just a few of them. All the adventurous and recreational activities that one can experience while being here make Manali much more alluring. One visit to Manali can light up the boredom of your life.

Recently I have got number of mails in which I have been asked about how to plan a budget trip to Manali, so I thought of writing a complete guide on planning a budget trip to Manali.

How to plan budget trip to Manali

hotels around manali

Most of the people start their journey from Delhi or Chandigarh so I will tell you few things according to that

  • Delhi is about 530km from Manali and it takes around 12 hours of overnight journey from Delhi to reach the destonation
  • The best way of traveling from Delhi is by Volvo buses which usually starts from Kashmiri gate in the evening. The price of ticket usually ranges between 1000Rs to 1300 Rs and after 12 hours of overnight journey you will land up in Manali.
  • The second option of traveling from Delhi to Manali can be in a cab but it will cost you more than the 1st option for sure, Volvo buses are very convenient and probably the best and most affordable method to reach Manali.
  • After reaching Manali by the morning one can look for hotels around gurudwara road as the hotels around that road are cheaper and affordable for the budget traveler.
  • Note: If you are traveling to Manali during the peak season that is around May and June then always go for prior bookings while during the other months you can go for onsite searching of hotels. During the months of March, November, January one can find good budget hotels as during that time prices are literally slashed to half the original price.
  • In order to travel in Manali one need to know the basic geography of the place, As this article basically emphasize on 3 days visit so I will choose place according to that, Hadimba, Vasisth, Jogini waterfall , Solang valley are some of the must visit places of many others.
  • After checking into the hotel room one can take some rest and later during the evening one can visit Hadimba temple and can explore colourful souvenir market of Manali. Hadimba temple and the Mall road will be accessed easily by walk so no need to take a cab for 1st day,  this will also help you save some money.
  • On day 2 get up early in the morning and go for bike or Scooty rentals to explore the nearby places like Vasisth temple,  Solang valley,  Naggar, Jana falls etc.
  • Note:Bike rentals are one of the best method to explore Manali in a day or two. Some advantages of traveling on bikes is that you have to pay less for bikes than car and second advantage is you will never be stuck in long traffic jams.
  • Bike rental call 8988265439 or can even book a taxi by calling on this number
    Note: Never ever Rent bikes from the local Mechanics. I have small incident to share one of friend told me that he tried to look for some cheap rental services in Bhuntar, he even got one but when he returned the bike he was blamed for scratches and damage which were present from first only. He was later told to pay more money. This was how he was cheated. So remember whenever you rent a bike always rent from trusted source. The above shared number is one of really trustworthy I know in Himachal.
  • One 3rd day you can for Jogini waterfalls,which is one of the most beautiful waterfall in entire Kullu valley. Jogini waterfalls is among those places which I never let anyone skip who ask me about places to visit in Manali.

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Best Time to Visit

jogni water falls manali best place to visit

If you are a budget traveler and looking for feasible trip then never ever visit Manali during the peak season instead try to travel when place is more isolated and peaceful.

For budget travelers May and June are probably the worst months to travel to Manali,  the room prices are at hikes,  bikes rate are too high everything will be expensive hence try to travel around March, August, October or November.

Budget Estimation

  1. Volvo buses travel both side per person = 2000-2500
  2. Stay in Manali for 3 days per room for 2 persons 3000-4000(breakfast and dinner)
  3. Rent of bike 1100 per day

Why Not Rohtang Pass?

bikes for rohtang pass

Rohtang pass remains open from May end to October 3rd week at Maximum.  If you plan to visit Rohtang during the May end or June then you have to pay huge amount as per the will of cab driver,  so I never recommend this place during the peak season.

Still if people want to visit Rohtang during the peak season they can go for government buses which run after regular interval of time from Manali to Rohtang. As this article is about how to plan a budget trip to Manali so I would suggest you to visit Rohtang during the month of August.

At last one can board bus back to Delhi from Manali covering all the major places in just 3 days and that too in budget.  If still you guys have doubt regarding how to plan a trip in budget you can pen down a comment below.

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