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Popularly called as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore acts as a base for all the companies and corporate life. Spending hours in front of the desktop is quite monotonous throughout the week. This period of life is where we see weekends as the dearest time to find some solace.

Weekends are meant to lift up your spirits and refresh yourself for the next iteration of routine schedules. When in Bangalore, you can always make a list for riding away on weekends. If you are an adventure enthusiast, go trekking and if you are a nature lover, go for hill stations. The city has all of it around the hustle bustle busy life that exists inside.

To add a cherry to your weekends, take bike rides on roads that can instantly change your mood and fill with ecstasy. Get out in the sunshine, take the fresh air, reboot yourself with the gears to gain your upbeat energy back!

Here, I have uncovered a few of the best getaways and now, you can make your choice for the weekend!


Adventure enthusiasts? Here you go!

Move away from the chaotic routines, take an uphill trek to mountains and cool yourself by camping in the nights. Trekking will improve your physical and mental health so that you would give a good comeback in your workspace.

Drive to the nearest places from Bangalore city where each place has a special identity. Ramanagaram of Sholay fame, Nandi hills for Sunrise and sunset views, Savandurga for the camping experience and Anthargange for dawn trekking and rock climbing as well.

Witness the adrenaline surge by giving a shot to these thrilling treks, sit back to rest and relax in camps gazing under the night sky. Doesn’t it sound like the best ever weekend already?

Seeking serene? Here are your Chill pills!

It’s just a beautiful option to choose hill stations around the city over anything for a weekend to make sure it is well spent! Right from scenery sights to trekking, from homestays to the perfect weather that adds ice to everything out there, what not is available in hill stations?

Embrace the climate that hill stations offer and gear up to explore the unexplored Shivamoga, trekkers delight Chikmagalur with its dramatic sights, Kemmangudi as the ideal retreat of solitude and Coorg for the lush green sights.

Trot away to these hill stations available near Bangalore to spot the silence in mountain streams, bracing peace all over the place and boost your energy levels. You will know how awesome it is only after visiting it!

Nature lover? Shoot this then!

Drown your stress-filled life in the breathtaking views and magical effects that Waterfalls offer! They are the calmest yet spectacular element of nature. Forget everything happening around and push your happiness to the top.

People flock to Chunchi falls for a short thrilling trek before the falls, Mekedaatu falls for roaring water flow, Abbey falls amidst the thick coffee aura, Hogenakkal falls called as the Niagara of India and Shivanasamudra falls for the multiple flows over cliffs.

Ride to these jaw-dropping views of waterfalls that are located close to Bangalore and I bet they won’t disappoint your weekend plans!

Are you still holding on? I would have dropped in many places to your bucket list by now hopefully. Don’t think hard and dream riding high-end bikes because you can always Rent a Bike that would not break your budget.

Bangalore has many bike renting services like Wheelstreet, RentonGo, Royal Brothers, Wicked Ride etc. I would suggest taking Wheelstreet from my personal take. I have tried there twice and had an amazing renting experience with the easy navigation of application, hassle-free rides and of course, the one that did not break my pockets!

Don’t take time when you are available with the best already! Rent, Ride, and Repeat! 









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