Everything You Need To Know When Travelling With Kids

I have spoken to many people who wanted to travel with babies but didn’t. And their common denominator was fear of challenges, they were going to face during the trip. I would say it is not quite fair to leave kids with grandparents and follow your Romance Compass, going to a distend island with hot sands and azure waters.

Traveling with a kid will definitely add some obstacles to your trip. However, considering my personal experience of traveling with husband and a four-year-old daughter, I can assure you that you will get more advantages than disadvantages out of such a trip.

Slow down     

slow down         

If this is your first trip with a kid, then you should choose a more quiet pace, than when you travel as a couple.

The less baggage the better


You cannot do without toys in such a journey. However, it does not mean you should take the whole box of toys. Take two or three favorite ones. Besides, children easily substitute toys with the surrounding things. My daughter Lily was playing once with tree leaves, turning them into currency, and tried to buy my ice cream for that money.

When traveling with Lily I always take a drawing board, a magnifying glass (she loves staring at insects with it), and a tablet (it is a must-have, even if you want your kid to take a rest from the digital world).

We collect different beautiful sticks, plants, and shells, during our walks and use them to create handicrafts afterward.

Prepare your kid for the trip

children playing at markha

First of all, you need to decide on the destination. I totally understand parents, who plan to sunbathe and feel the breeze of the ocean during winter holidays. Just keep in mind that a great number of Asian countries are bad to travel with children because of malaria and critical sanitary conditions. Choose a clean coast and a safe country.

If you have a school-age child, you will have fewer things to worry about. Besides, you may take your kid to a winter fairytale to Finland or any other northern country. Trust me, your little one will be excited to see Santa there.

Another important issue to cover is seasoning. When should we travel with children? The answer is simple – you may go on a trip at any time of the year. The key thing is to avoid extreme temperature variations. If you have -30 outside, do not go into +30 environments.


magnetic hill leh ladakh

Why not to turn the preparation process into an exciting adventure? You can explore maps together with your children considering different exotic destinations. The same is about the history, geography, traditions, and places you are going to visit.

If the local cuisine of the gateway, you have chosen, is too extreme and unusual, then cook several dishes at home, before going there. If you do it in advance, you will know for sure whether your kid will eat local foods or not.



If you are going to travel with a little kid, schedule your doctor’s appointment in 2 months before the trip. Consult about vaccinations, do not search for the answer on the internet. Make sure that you know the blood type of your kid.

Many doctors do not recommend going abroad with children under one and a half years. It is better to go somewhere within your country so that you do not change the climate much. The difference in time zones up to 2 hours will be fine.

In any case, consult your doctor.


solo traveler kasol

If you are going to a hot country, take light clothing made of natural fabrics. The sweat irritates the skin of a kid and can cause a lot of troubles.

Be ready to change diapers three times a day, even if they are dry. Pack 2 sets of clothes for the kid for each day of your trip. Buy good sunglasses for your children. Take panama hats to cover his or her little neck.

The key point I want to make by sharing these tips with you is that your kids are safe and happy when traveling with you. Don’t be afraid!

Guest Post – By Romance compass

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