How To Reach Kheerganga And Things To Do Around Kheerganga

reaching kheerganga

Kheerganga is situated at an altitude of 2960m from sea level binding some picturesque beauty of the Himalayas. 12km trek to kheerganga falls under the easy category of difficulty level, half of which is normal walk till Rudranaag and another half is mild climb, covered with pine trees which soon open to the meadows of kheerganga. I have written number of articles on parvati valley and today in this article I will tell you how to reach Kheerganga and what are various things to do around Kheerganga.

Kheerganga History

There are two aspects of the story, one which resident’s of Nakthan tell which is quite funny that’s why I am not sharing it and another which is written on a flex that has been hung on the wall outside the temple.

It is believed that in Satyug with Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati’s grace “Kheer” emerged out of ground and flowed into the valley, that’s why its called kheerganga and with Parshuram’s help it was turned into water because they knew that people of Kalyug might fight for this.

You can still find cream like elements in water. It is also believed that by drinking this water some minor skin problems are cured. From then on wards hot water started flowing from where “Kheer” emerged in Satyug.

How To Reach Kheerganga

  • Most of the travelers start their journey from Delhi. So I am going to tell you how can a person reach Kheerganga from Delhi
  • Volvo is the best option which start from Kashmiri Gate in Delhi to Manali in Himachal Pradesh
  • Don’t head to Manali in the Volvo. Get down in the place named as Bhuntar from where you will head to Kasol
  • If you are Budget traveler then you can take a bus from Bhuntar to Kasol which run at regular interval one after another till 5 in the evening.
  • But if you are an adventurous person then you can rent a bike from Bhuntar to commute in the valley.  Bike rental call 8988265439
  • After Kasol you need to head toward Manikaran and then toward Barsheni. From Barsheni one can walk till Tosh or get a bus to Tosh.
  • Trek to kheerganga starts from Tosh and one can cross 3-4 villages on the way binding some picturesque beauty, often considered heaven for the photographers.
  • Trek to Kheerganga from Tosh is around 14km out of which it is an easy walk till Rudranag. And after that some steep slopes may take your breath away. This part of the trekking beholds some amazing scenery that may blow your mind.
  • You can also follow the path by village Kalga but the main disadvantage of this part is that the place is less extra ordinary as compared to the other way.


Why you should Travel without Package?

Himachal pradesh is one of the most peaceful state in India so if you are planning a trip to Himachal you should never go for the packages or standard touring chart. If you have problem in planning a trip you can ask me here by commenting below but always prefer traveling to parvati valley with your friends instead of your parents and I am sure that everyone must be knowing the reason.

How to Plan a trip to Kheerganga?

Kheerganga is a trek in Parvati valley just like the few other trekking destinations. If you are planning a trip to Kheerganga just keep few things in mind.

If you are planning a trip to Kheerganga you can also explore places like Tosh, Garahn, Pulga, Katalga, Kasol, Rasol making your trip more memorable. These villages are among the most beautiful and peaceful villages I have seen in my life. The green meadows and the dense deodar trees are something which will definitely make your heart pound widely.

  • First day take a bus from Delhi and get down in the place called as Bhuntar in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.
  • If you are taking a bus at night from Delhi then you will reach Bhuntar during the morning hours.
  • After reaching Bhuntar you can take a bus from Bhuntar to Kasol or the much better thing would be to rent a bike from Bhuntar for rest of your trip.
  • After 2-3 hours journey from Bhuntar one can reach Kasol where one can find a accommodation and relax for few hours.
  • After that on same day one can visit Manikaran which is at a distance of 4-5 km from Kasol. Here at Manikaran one can take a holy dip at hot water pool that is believed to remove all the skin diseases from the body.
  • At evening return back to Kasol and enjoy the night life in the local cafes along with some magical cream.
  • Next day you can head toward Tosh and plan a trek to kheerganga.

Distance Chart for Parvati valley

  1. Bhuntar to Kasol = 31Km (Fair condition of road)
  2. Kasol to Manikaran = 4.5Km (fair condition of road)
  3. Manikaran to Barsheni = 8Km (fair condition of road)
  4. Barsheni to Tosh = 7.6Km (Very Bad condition )
  5. Kasol to Tosh = 22km

Top Things to do in Kheerganga



Manikaran is a holy destination in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh along the banks of river Parvati. This place lies at an distance of 34km from Bhuntar (nearest airport) and lies at distance of 4km from Kasol which is also referred to as mini Israel. Manikaran is holy center for both Hindus as well as Sikhs. The legendary tales states that once the wife of lord Shiva, Parvati dropped her earings in the spring of Manikaran which led to the uprising of hot water from the place. On the other hand Sikhs believe that the third Udasi, Guru Nanak Dev Ji came to this place in 1574 with his disciples. After some time one of his disciple felt hungry. So they went to collect food but the only problem was that there was no fire to cook. Then Guru Nanak lifted the stone in Manikaran and the spring of hot water came out of the earth Surface. So if you are planning a trip to Kheerganga this place should always be on your wish list.



it is a village which lies in close proximity to Kasol and Manikaran everyone knows why it is so famous. Yes definitely it’s the M cream or the Malana cream. Kasol has always been a destination for the weed lovers who want to enjoy their life in the midst of smoke offered by nature. Parvati valley offers you that which is difficult to find anywhere in the entire country and that makes this place unique. The rave parties of chalaal are renowned throughout for the magical stuff and the magical mood that will take you away from this planet. Trekking route from Kasol to chalaal is quite busy due to some above mentioned things and hence its also considered heaven for the smokers.

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moon dance cafe kasol german bakery

It is a beautiful as well as peaceful village located at a distance of 32kmfrom Bhuntar (nearest airport) in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This village lies adjacent to gurgling Parvati river where you can sit along the river and enjoy the tranquillity and peace offered by nature. The specialty of the place lies in the trekking routes to various places like Malana, Chalaal, Kheerganga etc and you can definitely visit Manikaran which is at a distance of 4km from Kasol. Kasol is abode for the trekkers, backpackers and for those who cannot control their adrenaline rush. The cafés in the area offer you world-class cuisines which will definitely make your mouth water.

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So this was the easiest method of reaching Kheerganga from Kasol or Delhi. If you still have any doubt or query you can pen down in the comment section

4 thoughts on “How To Reach Kheerganga And Things To Do Around Kheerganga

  1. Hey, I’m visiting Kasol on 22 sept along with my 4 friends. Can you suggest some budget hotels in kasol. Also, please share where should we stay during our visit?
    Can we trek without hire a local guide?
    Do we really need a bike/car to visit the places?
    What are the best options for couples?
    Share some event/parties places.


    1. Hey Kapil, I would suggest you that don’t go for online booking as the season is off. Instead look for hotels after reaching kasol. You can negotiate the price for sure and get rooms at very cheap rate. For trekking to kheerganga, Challal or Tosh you don’t need a guide. Parvati valley is very simple to navigate on own. Avoid trekking at night. Bike would be great option for couples because the bus timing is very uneven in the valley

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