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Manali is one of the most explored tourist destination in India after Goa. According to the latest survey conducted by Google it was stated that Manali is second most googled destination in India. Being native to Himachal Pradesh I have been visiting Manali since my childhood and I have seen a great difference in the behavior of people with time. In this article I will try to review the cheapest hotel in Manali during the peak season

According to the survey of Himachal pradesh tourism board every year around 40 Lakh tourist visit Manali and the reason is very obvious, The Snow. Rohtang Pass is one of the most famous passes in Himachal Pradesh which act as connecting gateway to Lahaul and Spiti district. When Entire India is burning and the mercury levels are rising Rohtang pass is a place which receives fresh snowfall so you can imagine how difficult it becomes for a budget traveler to get a hotel room in Manali

Budget Trip Planner

Not all tourist travel with a big budget so getting a good hotel in cheap price is often a difficult task in places like Manali. It is estimated that in Manali their are around 4000 hotels so you can take an idea that it is not possible for a walking tourist to go and ask price in each and every hotel in the town

So today I thought of writing a blog on Hotel named Manali villa which is near Mall road and is among my favorite places to stay when budget is my concern.

The people of Himachal Pradesh changes their color with season. During the peak season they become angry and greedy and during the off season they become sweet and charming.

I will talk about these things in my next article but today I will just give you a review of cheapest hotel to stay in Manali.

Manali Villa Hotel Review

cheapest hotel in manali

Manali villa is a small hotel with basic price. It is among the cheapest hotel in Manali. I remember when last year I was in the town and looking for budget places to stay, someone gave me an Idea of staying in Gurudwara near Mall road. I reached the place but the Gurudwara was packed and I did’nt know what to do next.

So just started walking toward the upper side of Gurudwara where I spotted this hotel named Manali villa. I asked the person sitting in the reception for the prices of the room and he told me like 1500 rs per room. After some negotiation I settled him for 1100 rs. As we were 3 people the owner charged 300 rs extra per bedding. So we got room around 1400 rs with 350 rs per head on sharing.

manali villa hotel near gurudwara

I have uploaded few pictures of the hotel Manali villa so that you can review the rooms.

The room was in great condition. The washroom was also not that bad or in other words I can say that it was the perfect place at that price. The Hotel was totally registered under hoteliers association and Himachal Pradesh Tourism so you can be tension free in any case.

The only thing you need to have is valid ID Proof.

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Helping Staff

The staff of the hotel was very friendly they helped us in planning the entire trip to Rohtang pass. The owner also helped us in renting a bike, getting permission to Rohtang pass and every possible help he could offer.


dining hall manali villa hoteldining hall manali villa hotel

Food was also not that bad and the prices were very decent

Where to Travel

After getting a decent and cheap place to stay I started to plan my trip. I stayed their for a week and explored each and every place in and around Manali. Here I have shared the list of 21 top places to visit in Manali which you should never skip when you travel to this amazing place

For advance bookings of cheap hotels or any inquiry on Manali you can contact 8988265439

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