Renuka ji | Lake with a suffix “JI”

renuka lake
Renuka ji is one of the several natural religious lakes of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated in district Sirmour at a height of 672m above the sea level and have a circumference of 3214 meters. The lake is named after goddess Renuka who took jal samadhi in Ram kund sarovar  after the death of her husband Rishi Jamdagni. After that lake took the shape of a lady and was named Renuka ji lake.
Every year 5 day long International fair is organized on Prabodhini Ekadashi. Fair starts with the arrival of Lord Parshuram at the holy Renuka ji lake to meet his mother Renuka. Lord parshuram (Ram-Childhood name) was the 5th son of Goddess Renuka and Rishi Jamdagni, he was also the sixth incarnation of lord Krishna. He pleased Lord Shiva by performing Tapa and got a new name Parshuram after getting divine weapon Parshu from Lord Shiva. He has been referred every where in the Shashtras with the popular name Parshuram and not his childhood name Ram which he got from his parents.
renuka ji
A little zoo is constructed aligned to the boundary of the lake.

renuka lake boating

I got late from Rishikesh because of a hitch hiking bet with my two friends. All three of us met at Paonta Sahib bus stand at approximately 7:30pm and there was no chance to reach home, so I made a call to my friend in Nahan and asked him to plan a trip to Renuka ji for the next day.
 holy dip renuka lake
We reached Renuka ji by 11am. Despite of hot climate cool breeze was kissing my face near the  lake, took a dip in holy water of the lake. While walking around the lake we saw bear drinking water, leopard sleeping and red jungle foul celebrating Navratre. Renuka ji is rich in Flora and Fauna.
zoo near renuka lake
Delhi to Nahan : 250kms
Chandigarh to Nahan : 87kms
Shimla to Nahan : 136kms
Paonta to Nahan : 43kms
Nahan to Renuka ji : 46kms
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