8 Most Haunted Places that you should never visit in Shimla

tunnel 33 most haunted place in shimla

Shimla is one of the most beautiful and explored destination in Himachal Pradesh. Shimla greets you to enjoy the timeless beauty and the flawless architecture of British era which is just beyond imagination but still their are many things which are unknown for most of the people. Shimla has a long history of more than 500 years encrypting many stories to itself. Along with jagged mountains, snowy peaks and apple valleys come the paranormal form tunnels, forests, roads, cemeteries, schools and colleges in Shimla. Here are the top 10 places that have highest number of spooky stories. Even if you are courageous enough, the mysterious unsettleness of the places will surely chill your spine!

1. Charleville Mansion

This century-old deserted castle, built in the British era. Located up the mellow hills of Shimla, it was once, resided by a British officer Victor Bayley and his wife. Before them, an army officer resided in the mansion. The mere sight of the mansion is spooky. Both the families have reported paranormal activities  inside the house like British gentleman who breaks and crashes things in the house. Presently the mansion is owned by an Indian who has replenished  the entire house. Even today, locals report ghostly figures and shadows lingering inside the Charleville mansion and hence this place is regarded as the most haunted place in Shimla

2. Indira Gandhi Medical College, Lakkar Bazar

Indira Gandhi Medical College, Lakkar Bazar

Indira Gandhi Medical College is the largest medical set up in whole of Himachal Pradesh. At the same time, it is also among the most haunted places in Shimla. Patients, their families, doctors and other staff have many times complained of mysterious activities in lifts, corridors and rooms.

Besides weird noises and strange voices, some have also reported being pushing from behind while taking the stairs. Common belief is that all these activities are due to the presence of spirits of the people who have died in the hospital. Even the forest road near the college is said to be spooked by the ghost of an orange seller.

3.  Tunnel 33, Barog

tunnel 33 most haunted place in shimla

Who don’t know about this famous tunnel 33 in shimla? British engineer Captain Barog was appointed for constructing this tunnel enroute Shimla Kalka Highway. He failed the task and was thereby humiliated and penalised by the supervisors. Out of annoyance and defame, Barog committed suicide. And this is the main reason why this place in shimla is considered haunted.

Locals believe that spirit of Captain Barog still roams in the tunnel. Many people have also seen a figure walking along the rail track and disappearing gradually.

4.   Convent of Jesus & Mary, Chotta Shimla

Convent of Jesus & Mary, Chotta Shimla haunted place

It is a well-known convent school in Shimla, Jesus and Mary is popular for more than one eerie stories and incidents; There is one story around Friday, the 13, when a headless horseman appears and offers a rose to one of the girls. If she accepts he takes her and kills those who don’t. Another folklore talks of a fire in the CJM’s dormitory for orphans during British rule. The current play ground is where the kids were buried.

Adding to the fire was a 2012 tragedy, when two IVth standard students were found dead near the school. The families of the victims claimed that they committed suicide because of mental harassment by their teachers. Some claim that the building is haunted by their souls too.

5.The Chudail Baudi

chudail baudi shimla most haunted

This road is between Shimla highway and chota shimla. It is believed that the speed of vehicles automatically slow down and a women in white clothes asks for lift ,even if you deny she would be sitting in your car, staring constantly at you. Isnt it spooky, enough to throw you down from the valley. Many accidents have occurred due to this distraction.

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6.House of DukhanIT

haunted house in shimla

It is a beautiful house at one of the hills of Shimla, said to be haunted by the ghost of an old man, wearing a white gown. A tale from the British era tells that he shot himself in this house. A ghostly figure, narrated by Sir John Smith—one of the guests at Dukhani, when the place was owned by an old Britisher Bucky—is the most popular haunted tale of this house.

7.The Orange man on IGMC road Shimla

orange man shimla haunted man

The story attacted to this place is that once a orange seller used to sell oranges here only. He was too attaches to this place. Even after his death, his ghost strolls in this area.

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8. The kingal road, Shimla

kingal road shimla most haunted place

Sometimes lightening at night could be seen in this area. No source of lightening is yet discovered, so, it is supposed to be because of paranormal activities. Several People and visitors Reported That There Is Something Mysterious In That Road. Especially Late Night Around 2 A.M. There Are Some Strange And Unusual Light Effects By Unknown Spirit…!!

16 thoughts on “8 Most Haunted Places that you should never visit in Shimla

  1. I will never go to shimla ….. this is sa dangerous …. especially the topic raised abt chota shimla ….. abt the chudail baudi …..

    1. It’s nothing like the stories have been narrated. I am born and brought up in shimla. We never had seen such incidents that are narrated. You are welcome to shimla. All these stories do not exists .

        1. i myself experienced the mysterious light in sky around 3am during my visit to shimla in june, 2017 with family. we were about to reach shimla by cab in very early morning and suddenly saw the huge white coloured light in front of us in sky. it was like a deewali lightening cracker but without any sound.
          the color of the light was strange white and was very cool. it was like a camera flash.
          me and my wife both saw it happening very clearly. it was a paranormal activity for sure….

  2. It’s all well narrated & imaginary. The Charleville is actually Bantony, on Kali Bari road. I’ve walked past it a thousand time. Inspite of “best efforts ” couldn’t find anything spooky there. I can “cook up” dozens of such stories.

  3. Chudal baudi still exists my dear friend it haunts the petrol pump area and goes to governor house up to ram chandra chawk’s chauri sadak… to buddy’s… try sum day at midnight alone.. try walking down from st.bedes to chotta simla road.. u will see what u wonna see…

    1. Some teenager boys went their and stayed all night . Couldn’t find the churail , maybe she was afraid of the adventurers

  4. Nothing iketat i have been studying in cjm for 12 years nd never experienced anything like that it is a peacefull place infact


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