10 Main Places To Visit In Kullu

naggar village kullu main place to visit in kullu

The Himalayan district of Kullu has so many places to explore within. Paradises that are calling you to have an experience of being in heaven. So, here is a list of top 10 main places to visit in Kullu

1.Manali town

manali town

The modern manali town is a major touristic heavenly view of snow packed mountains, on.emerging from the e mall road or no vehicle road is surrounded by hundreds of shops of local handicrafts, traditional eateries,  fast food corners and everything you wanted to shop and take home. The traditional kullvi dance in the mall road is eye catching; you can enjoy it sitting on a higher platformed cafe or dance with the group either. Apart from the market the town has many ancient temples such as Hidimba devi temple, Rishi Manu Temple etc and Manali is one of the main places to visit in Kullu.

2. Vashisht

Vasishta temple manali top places

Named after the great sage Rishi Vashisht who performed deep meditation here, the place has an ancient traditionally built temple of the sage.Also there are hot water springs around with facilities of community bathing points, so one can enjoy in the sulfur rich hot water. The path leading to the temple is surrounded by many traditional handicraft shops.


rave party scene kasol

Dominated by foreign tourists, especially those from Israel and Palestine, the place is famous for the Malana cream. Though it is illegal to sell or export the product in the country but one can eventually enjoy it here. The night parties and the view of beautiful Parvati river makes it a perfect night out destination.



Located on the foothill of the Parvati valley and just 3 km ahead to Kasol is an ancient shrine of Guru Nanak Dev ji.Also there are temples dedicated to lord Rama and Shiva built in the traditional style. The hot water springs in the vicinity attracts a number of locals and tourists. If you are packing your bags to kullu you can never miss this place in Kullu

5.Solang Nala

solang nala manali

A major tourist attraction for a number of reasons such as adventure sports (Paragliding, balloon rolling, horse riding), picnic spot, chilling weather, traditional food, scenic beauty and photography with the traditional dress.


khothi village manali

A spectacular view of snow packed mountains, the chilling breeze and nature green allover the surroundings makes the place a perfect picnic spot. One can stay over the lodges in the area enjoying the paradice to its fullest. The major attraction of this slopy ground are the chilling water emerging from the glacier itself and the pleasant fragrence of medicinal plants. It is one of the least explored and top places to visit in Kullu

7.Bijli Mahadev

jai bijlimahadev

The lord Shiv temple situated on the top of a mountain although requires a small trek of about 2-3 kms but the destination it takes you to is jaw dropping. You can enjoy a panoramic view of whole of the Kullu valley.The temple has a shivlinga made up of butter and according to the local myths it dissociates in the monsoon months with a strike of lightening. And when it is remade a big celebration is carried out lasting for weeks and months.


naggar village kullu

The small town of Naggar was the headquarters of the Kullu valley in the ancient times, hence royal castles, prison and royak temples can be observed here which depict the ancient traditional art and culture. Apart from the royal structures the place is also inhabited by art and music lovers from around the world. Also there is an art gallery and museum of a Russian painter Roerich.

9. Dyaar

diyar village place to visit in kullu

A small village on the top of a mountain, makes Diyaar a picturesque spot. The road leading to the village is zig-zag lined with deodar trees which gives immense pleasure of travelling. Also the place has an ancient temple dedicated to lord Vishnu.


Prashar lake in Himachal pradeshlord shiva temple bijlimahadev

Under a magnificent landscape and panoramic view of snow capped lads, lies an ancient traditionally built temple dedicated to sage Rishi Parashar and a waterhole or lake with floating island in between. The raw green mat of medicinal herbs gives the place seven stars. At last I would say you can miss any place in Kullu but can never miss prashar lake one the main places to visit in Kullu

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