How to rent/hire a bike or motorcycle in Kasol

bike rentals bhuntar

For me Bike trips are the best way to explore any destination. No worry about the bus timing etc. Just start your bike and travel wherever you want to.

I remembered my last trip to Kasol where I started my journey from Chandigarh. It was 12 in the noon and I was looking for the bus which would take me to my ultimate destination Kasol. After 9 hours of hectic journey I reached the place called Bhuntar. It was 9 in the evening and I had no guts to travel further to Kasol all I needed was a bed and cheap accommodation to stay. Next morning I got up early around 7 o clock and took my seat in the bus called KTC Kullu which took me to Kasol. The view which my eyes witnessed was far away from this world, all I could spot was beautiful Parvati river flowing along the highway. I just felt bad for one thing that why I did’nt brought my bike along on this trip. I wanted to feel the cool breeze of Parvati river while riding my bike along the highway to Kasol. After reaching Kasol I realized that it was really difficult for any person to commute here without bikes, all I could spot was group of hippies traveling on their Royal enfield and hence I finally decided to rent/hire a bike from Kasol for rest of my trip.

Bike rental in Kasol

bike rental in Kasol

First and the foremost thing, There are several tour/travel operators/Mechanical workshops/mechanics in Kasol and Manikaran who offer services for renting or hiring a bike or motorcycle in Kasol and Manikaran. The main thing is to be sure that the bike you are hiring is in good condition . I long ago hosted one person by the name Shivanshu dharmani in Chandigarh who told me to contact for any help in the valley. I called him and he gave me the  number of Rahul Thakur who runs  a bike rental agency in Bhuntar and also provide bikes in Kasol for renting. For my surprise he also had few bikes in Kasol for renting and within 5 minutes he arrived with the Royal Enfield. It cost me around 3000 for 2 days and was really amazed.  I was so much impressed by his service that I promised him that I will recommend all my friends to you for renting bike in Kasol Rahul Thakur- 8988265439

Note: Never ever Rent bikes from the local Mechanics. I have small incident to share one of friend told me that he tried to look for some cheap rental services in Kasol, he even got one but when he returned the bike he was blamed for scratches and damage which were present from first only. He was later told to pay more money. This was how he was cheated. So remember whenever you rent a bike always rent from trusted source. The above shared number is one of really trustworthy persons I know in Himachal.

bike rental in Kasol

 Important Things to know for hiring a Bike/Motorcycle in Kasol

  • The first and the last thing you should do before renting a bike is to check it properly. The conditions of the bikes are not that good so “prevention is always better than cure”.
  • You should always book a bike after reaching a particular place. Booking online can create problems sometimes. Visit the various bike rental workshops test drive a bike before actually renting it for a trip
  • You should always have a valid driving license before renting a bike. If you are beginner in riding a bike then you should prefer bus as a good traveling option to parvati valley or Kasol
  • Some dealers will provide you too old bikes which will cost your pockets very less but that is never a good idea. Try to get a new bike at a decent price after bargaining. Bargaining is tool which I always use while traveling in Himachal.
  • If you want to plan a short trip for the local sightseeing then renting a bike in Kasol can be a good option but if you are looking to plan a trip to Leh Ladakh then Bhuntar is much better option for renting a bike.
  • Make sure that the RC(registration certificate), Insurance and PUC (Pollution Under Control) documents related to rented/hired bike are provided and they are up to date and valid enough. After all you do not want to land in some dismal situation on your life time trip.
  • Always ask your bike renter to attach carrier to your bike so that it becomes easy for you guys to carry your luggage in most comfortable manner.

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