Kheerganga: Wanderlust That Echoes Twice

camping at kheerganga

Tranquility and gizmos of some places, calls u twice, as to witness its beauty once is not enough: for that u can surely visit Kheerganga.

The place is in the arms of beautiful hills of Parvati valley. The natural hot-water-spring experience is something that you will remember for a lifetime. Most people who reach this place always come back for seconds as there you can simply not get enough of such a place.

Kheerganga is situated in Parvati Valley at a distance of 22 km from Manikaran. For Kheerganga, one has to go by motor-able road up to a place called ‘Barshaini’ and from there to Kheerganga on foot. This trek leads through hilly terrain. This is the place where ‘Kartik Ji’, the elder son of ‘Lord Shiva’ remained in ‘samadhi’ for thousands of years.

beauty of kheerganga

The place is open for about 7 months in a year and is not permanently inhabited as hills are fed with heavy snowfall during winters. The trek is very pleasant and offers some exhilarating views: from white turbulent water of Parvati to the dramatic change in vegetation and open flatland that is graced by the occasional tent, the few guest houses and cafes and the temple premises which also comprises of the hot water spring.

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Temple in Kheerganga

kheerganga temple

After the climb you are rewarded with release from all your pains during the day and get to bathe in the hot spring and rejuvenate yourself. Even though there is a hot spring at the Gurudwara down at Manikaran, the experience of Kheerganga is unique in so many ways as you are awed with both the beauty and water.

tosh village

There are also good facilities for accommodation and food here considering that all the goods are taken via mules or human carriers. The locals sprint down the slopes with heavy goods on their back. There is simply no way that you can keep up with the locals when they ascend and descend. The friendly nature of the people is more than the warmth you need as all the things that you can think for are provided for at highly reasonable rates.

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kheerganga hot water

Visiting the temple at early dawn before you proceed to the pool is customary. The biting cold is forgotten once your body is in that Sulphur heated water.

In addition you can also visit a near by small power plant to see how this water can do wonders uphill; which can meet the electricity needs at such heights along with solar power generation. To witness this u can enrote the cable to reach this manually set turbine.

Approximate Distances from:

Kullu -Manali Airport at Bhuntar: 45 km by road + 12 km trek on foot

Kullu town: 55 km + 12 km trek on foot

Manali town: 95 km + 12 km trek on foot

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