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Kathgarh  is a village located in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh. Himachal- the land of lords has a quantity of the rarest & ancient temples which have their references even in the history books. This time we are talking about one such rare & only temple in the world which is Shiv Mandir Kathgarh. This temple is one of the very famous temples in Himachal Pradesh and is situated at a distance of 7km from Indora(Himachal Pradesh) also 3-4kms from Mirthal(Punjab) on the meeting point of the Beas and the choch rivers.This temple has a vertical Shivalinga which is approximate six feet in height and splitedinto two parts. It is believed that the distance between the two parts of Shivalinga keeps increasing and decreasing from time to time.  Here in this temple the larger part is worshiped as Shiva and the smaller part as his better half, Mata Parvati.

Himachal is a state which can surprise you everyday with its untold secrets. Each place has its unique story. So here is a small tip for you guys, If you are planning a trip to Himachal don’t just stick to Manali, Kasol, Shimla try to explore some new, something unexplored.

History of Shiv Mandir Kathgarh

There are a number of Historical references of this temple but the most famous one is in the history is from “Shiv Purana”. Once Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma had a war between each other to know who is supreme between the two. They were going to use Pāśupatāstra, Sanskrit:पाशुपतास्त्र), in Hindu History, is an irresistible and most destructive personal weapon of Shiva, Kali and Adi Para Shakthi discharged by the mind, the eyes, words, or a bow. Never to be used against lesser enemies or by lesser warriors, the Pashupatastra is capable of destroying creation and vanquishing all beings. Pashupatastra is the most destructive, powerful, irresistible weapon of all the weapons mentioned in the Hindu mythology– Source Wikipedia.

Lord Shiva could not see all this and is believed that he appeared as a fire pillar between the two to make the warring gods stop the battle.  The large Shivalinga at the Kathgarh is believed to be the same fire Pillar.
In another reference from the history it is said that the army of world conqueror Alexander the Great of Macedonia got demoralizedon reaching this very Kathgarh and returned back to Macedonia from this place.
According to another reference from Indian epic “Ramayana” , King Bharat the brother of lord Rama, use to pay obeisance to Lord ‘Shiva’ at this pillar on his way to his grandparents in ‘Kashmir’.

Kathgarh temple also offers you services like Langar, toilets, Parking, Sarai, Library and many more so if you are planning your next trip to this temple then don’t worry about your stay and all. You can also book a Yatri Nivas Kathgarh, Indora rest house.

Photos of Shiv Mandir Kathgarh

How to reach Kathgarh Temple


In order to reach Kathgarh you can travel via the routes mentioned below.

1. Chandigarh/Jalandhar< Hoshiarpur< Dasuya< Mukerian<Mirthal<Kathgarh
2. Pathankot<Damtal<Nangalbhur<Mirthal<Kathgarh

3. Pathankot<Indora<Kathgarh
4. Dharamshala<Kangra<Nurpur<Jassur<Indora<Kathgarh 
    Pathankot- Mirthal 18Km                  Pathankot – Indora 20Km
    Mukerian- Mirthal 20Km                   Nurpur- Jassur 3kms, Jassur – Indora 27kms
    Mirthal- Kathgarh 3-4Km                  Indora- Kathgarh 7km

  • Mirthal (Gurdaspur district,Punjab) is a small village on the Grand Trunk road (Chandigarh -Pathankot highway) in Punjab in between Mukerian and Nangal bhur. You need to get off at Mirthal and from there Kathgarh is at a distance of about 3-4kms. You need to cross a railway line and there, from the army cantonment area, you can make your way to Kathgarh.
  • There is an alternate way from Indora(Himachal Pradesh). Once you reach Indora you will come across the Kathgarh Dwar which is constructed in almost the same way as the one shown in the picture above as the entrance door of the Kathgarh Mandir. From Kathgarh Dwar, your destination is only at a mere distance of 7-8kms. The way to Arni University,HP is also on the way to Kathgarh but you need to take a diversion from the road to Kathgarh in order to reach Arni University. Beas river is beside the university.

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