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About Jalorijot


Jalori pass is situated in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. If more accurately described this pass lies in Seraj region of Karsog valley at an altitude of 3300m from sea level. The pass act as connecting link between Kullu and Shimla district weaving some picturesque beauty which cannot be delineated in words. The sight of majestic mountains canopied with the emerald lush green trees of pine and Chile further adds to the elegance of this Jalori jot. The cultural innocence of the place and the sparse traffic in the region will provide you peace which cannot be found in the hill stations like Manali or Shimla. The unexplored villages and the beautiful treks along the panoramic view of the region are aw-inspiring. The every single step you move here is like enriching your soul with million of inspirations. Here the localities themselves who are acquainted with the place for years give you the inside look to the culture of this place. The place has two rest houses one of PWD and other of Forest department if you really want to enjoy the charm of this place you need to stay here for the night. 

Lush green forests of Jalori jot
lush green forests of jalori jot


How to reach

Jalori pass can be accessed by Kullu as well as Shimla district. If you start your journey from Kullu district you are going to witness places like Banjar>>>Ghiyagi>>>>Shoja>>>>Jalori jot and if you are following an alternate path that is from Shimla then your route is going to be Shimla<<<Luhri<<<Ani<<<<jalori jot. The milestones along the road will help you to reach your destination. The roads are single lane but in good condition till Shoja. After that the roads are motarble but not in that good condition. Reaching Jalori Jot is to be witness of the natures adorable creation which will become part of your eternal memories and will last forever
Muddy roads to Jalori jot
offbeat track

Some important distance
Kullu – Banjar=53 km
Banjar – Jalori jot=18km

Ani – Shimla=108km

Milestone showing Jibhi six kilometers
milestone guiding our way

Our trip to Jalori jot

“Get up yr” don’t you want to go somewhere I asked my friend Ajay. He replied” its Sunday yr let me sleep” and this is how our trip started. Ankit bhai was honking the horn and calling us to come down. We came down and sat in his car, he started driving and the place was yet not decided. First we planned to go to Prashar lake but due the rising mercury level we wanted to go somewhere where we can feel the coldness of nature. So we decided to go to Jalori pass and this is how our single day trip to Jalori jot started. We all were excited and we left from Sundernagar to our ultimate destination. We crossed places like Mandi>> Pandoh>> Thalot>>> admiring the beauty of meandering Beas river who accompanied us in our journey. After 2 hours of journey we reached a beautiful town called Banjar where we were struck for few minutes due to the narrow lanes . We stopped there inquiring for the places that we could visit in our single day trip, common reply that we got from the localities was the temple named Shringa Rishi.
Shringa rishi temple

Shringa Rishi

Shringa Rishi is temple situated in a village called Baggi of Banjar valley. This temple is known for its flawless architectural work and is home to a chief deity of Banjar valley.

 This temple is at a distance of 4km inside to main highway to Jalori Jot and holds a great religious importance to the localities.

Shringarishi temple

 This temple is dedicated to the rishi Shringa who was son of Rishi Vibhandak, this temple is only accessible during the months of April to November and rest of the year it is inaccessible due to thick snow canopied over the valley. 

The road to Shringa Rishi is completely motorable or one can even stop the vehicle near the base and can trek for 15 minutes to reach this temple. The beauty of this temple lies in the peace and cultural innocence of the place which inspires you at every single step you climb on the staircase of this temple. The local pujari recommended us to visit this place during the month of May when number of pilgrims across Himachal come to this place for the blessings of Shringa Rishi. Climax
road to pwd and forest guest house

After visiting the place we headed to our next destination Jalori Jot. I thought that the traffic here would be sparse but to my surprise the cafes in the area were hosting great crowd. The young travel junkies were trekking across the treacherous paths of the Jalori pass. We were also accompanied by the group of foreigners who were traveling to Shimla along Ani and Narkanda route, the condition of the roads near jalori Jot was not good at all our car got struck 2-3 times causing us a great discomfort but the scenic beauty of the area that we witnessing was mind boggling and it made us forget every worry we had in our life. The adrenaline which was gushing inside us made us to reach the top of jalori Jot which otherwise would have not been possible. Jalori Jot is starting point to number of treks so if you are a travel freak then after the night in Jalori you can plan your trek.

Traveling to Jibhi
lush green tracks

After spending few hours in Jalori we were tired enough and came back.. But the experience which I gained there enriched my soul giving me million more reasons to travel to such places where I could capture images with my eyes and make them part of my eternal memory.

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