9 Mind Blowing Photos of Himachal Pradesh By Saket Sankhyan

fagli festival himachal

Every mask has its own story These are total 12 lucky boys got the chance this year to make these beautiful dresses and to be the man who will be a part of this great act of their deity, 6 from one panchayat and 6 from another , and all the three days of festival they walk around in near by villages with their local deity . And on the final day of festival , they all sing and dance together performing several acts together . As most of the people says ” Wherever you go , whatever you do… Read more9 Mind Blowing Photos of Himachal Pradesh By Saket Sankhyan

How to Reach Jalori Pass and things to do Around

jalori pass

Jalori Pass is connecting link between Kullu and Shimla district. In this article I am going to tell you guys how to reach Jalori pass and what are various activities to do in Banjar valley. Jalori pass can be accessed by Kullu as well as Shimla district. If you start your journey from Kullu district you are going to witness places like Banjar>>>Ghiyagi>>>>Shoja>>>>Jalori pass and if you are following an alternate path that is from Shimla then your route is going to be Shimla<<<Luhri<<<Ani<<<< Jalori pass. The milestones along the road will help you to reach your destination. The roads… Read moreHow to Reach Jalori Pass and things to do Around

Jibhi – Perfect place to feel the Himalayas

Jibhi is a beautiful village situated at a distance of 58 km from Mandi town in Banjar valley. This village is surrounded by an array of majestic mountains, on all the four sides adding to the scenic beauty of the place. The language, culture, history, food and the panorama of this mesmerizing place will make you forget everything once you enter, or in my language it’s the perfect place to feel the Himalayas. When you live in a country with 29 states with each state having different food, culture, history andlanguage, it becomes really tough to find the perfect destination… Read moreJibhi – Perfect place to feel the Himalayas