8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol

top cafes in kasol

Kasol is what people call smokers paradise or the mini Israel in the Himalayas. This beautiful destinations lies on the way between Bhuntar to  Manikaran. . Kasol is for those who patiently observe the world from the fringes. It is for those who want to break free from Careers, Cars and Congregation.

Kasol is perfect getaway for those people who want to get rid of the complicated problems and want to chill somewhere in the Himalayas.

This place is known specially for its late night parties and world class music festivals. But when you land up in Kasol one thing is most important which you can’t miss at all, it’s the food out there. The food is exceptionally different and will definitely blow your mind away. There are number of restaurants and café’s in Kasol but today I am going to bring you the list of top 10 cafes or restaurants you can’t miss in Kasol.

Cafe Evergreen

evergree cafe kasol best food

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Cafe evergreen is one of the top Cafés in Kasol. The food here is something to die for especially the Momo’s and Hummus. The Restaurant also offers world class Oreo- shake which is just beyond this world. So if you are looking for some Indian Cuisine then this cafe is absolutely not for you guys but if you want to taste some USP or continental then definitely it’s a best deal for you guys. This is among the top on the list of must visit cafes because its my favorite.

Top things to Try in the cafe

Pancakes &  Omelettes.

Chicken shipudim (skewers) served with chips and hummus.

Israeli specials. Pizzas. Lasagnas.

Moon Dance Cafe

moon dance cafe kasol german bakery

Moon Dance is another amazing cafe in the valley and the food is just amazing. Here you can try Italian, Fast food, Israeli, Vegetarian. You will not find that in any other restaurants in the destination. The cafe has a sitting arrangement in a hall and the best part about the café moon dance is that the prices are very moderate and within the reach of budget traveler also.

This place has become a daily breakfast provider to the number of tourist especially Israelis. Fresh bread rolls, chocolate brackets, delicious apple crumble, croissants in many hues, cheesecake, etc.. are the specialities.

moon dance cafe in kasol crowd

review of moon dance cafe kasol

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Top things to Try in Moon Dance cafe

Papaya Juice

Chocolate Brownie


Bhoj Cafe

food at bhoj cafe kasol is amazing

Bhoj cafe is another amazing café in the Kasol. Despite the dark atmosphere inside the restaurant, the great food, funky music and swanky furniture makes this place a popular hangout point for the younger crowd. This is one the best cafes in Kasol and one should definitely try something here before leaving from Kasol.

review of bhoj cafe kasol

Top things to Try in Moon Dance cafe




Review from There Facebook Page

Stone Garden café Kasol

stone garden cafe kasol

The next cafe in the list of top cafes in Kasol is Stone Garden café . This is one of my favorite café in Kasol. I remembered when I first went to this cafe in the month of January and it was pretty cold. I was amazed and enjoyed the amazing food along with a beautiful music and the coffee was just extra ordinary.

This place is also referred to as epitome of craziness and positive vibes. In my opinion this café is perfect to feel the psychedelic vibes in Kasol. So if you guys are looking for a place where you can listen live music along with good food and trance than this is the perfect place for you.

menu card of stone garden cafe kasol himachal Pradesh

Top things to try in Cafe




Little Italy

food in little italy cafe kasol

How we can forget this amazing  café in Kasol. This place offers you good ambience and reasonably good food which will not even burden your pocket. This place totally resembles its name. Just like Italy here you get the best pizza and farmhouse pizza is among the must try pizza in the cafe. If talking about the crowd in cafe it is always very pleasant and decent one can smoke cigarette without any problem.

reveiw of little italy cafe kasol

Top things to try in Cafe


Indian food

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Oh Magic View Cafe

oh magic view cafe kasol view

If accurately speaking Oh magic view  café is not in Kasol, this amazing café is few kilometers far away from Kasol. This café is situated in Chalal village which binds a picturesque beauty. Once you are in Kasol you just need to head toward the bridge and after a small trek you can land up in this village. This village is referred to as one of the most beautiful village in Parvati valley.

Facebook review of Oh magic view cafe Kasol

Oh magic view café is not only known for its amazing food but this café also provides an amazing view from the top. One can spot mighty Himalayas and gurgling Parvati River flowing across the valley which can’t be delineated in words. This place is also cheaper as compare to the cafes and restaurants in Proper Kasol.

Shiva Shanti Café

shiva shanti cafe kasol top cafe

Shiva Shanti café is little different from the other cafes in the area. It has a large spacious yard along with a sitting area. There are few camps pitched in the yard where you can even stay for your trip. The café offers a very different sitting arrangement like low rise wooden desks along with colorful light which is a very unique experience for any person.

Mama’s cafe Kasol

mamas cafe kasol top places to visit

Mama’s cafe in Kasol is among my favorite pass time café as here I can play pool and listen to my favorite music. So you are a person who want to enjoy some pool game and listen to good music then this cafe is for you guys.

Top Things to do in the cafe

Good music. Space to play pool.

Try pizza, chilli cheese toast.

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