How to Reach Rasol and things to do around Rasol

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Rasol is one of the most unexplored and beautiful village in Parvati valley. Don’t confuse this village with Kasol because its not the same. Rasol village lies at an altitude of 8000 feet above the sea level with not more than 150 houses. So if you are planning a trip to Parvati valley in Himachal Pradesh then this village should always be on your wish list. How to Reach Rasol from Delhi In order to reach Rasol from Delhi, one needs to take a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar. Bhuntar is a place where the roads to Manali and Parvati… Read moreHow to Reach Rasol and things to do around Rasol

Malana Banned Tourists On Deity orders…

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Malana village has recently become so popular in international stoners’ culture that every person wants to visit this little Greece in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. Located at the interior summits of Kullu valley below Chanderkhani pass, at an altitude of 276 meters above sea level, Malana is so surreal and calm that one has to rub his eyes to believe that it actually exists. This place has different identity for different people, for some it is a paradise and for some it is the place where you get the world’s best hashish or marijuana. Sorry Stoners… Recently the local… Read moreMalana Banned Tourists On Deity orders…

5 Most Beautiful Villages Around Kasol

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Kasol is what they call is the stoners Paradise or smokers Paradise. It is the relaxing getaway for people coming here. The town hasn’t got monuments or other such sightseeing points but the natural beauty that the heart craves for, is in abundance. You need to walk in order to commute here. But if you wish to go to Malana or Manikaran, you need to hire a taxi or catch a bus. The area is a little remote which makes it an ideal place for relaxing. The place has many hotels, guest houses which one can get at affordable prices…. Read more5 Most Beautiful Villages Around Kasol