5 Most Beautiful Villages Around Kasol

pulga village parvati valley

Kasol is what they call is the stoners Paradise or smokers Paradise. It is the relaxing getaway for people coming here. The town hasn’t got monuments or other such sightseeing points but the natural beauty that the heart craves for, is in abundance. You need to walk in order to commute here. But if you wish to go to Malana or Manikaran, you need to hire a taxi or catch a bus. The area is a little remote which makes it an ideal place for relaxing. The place has many hotels, guest houses which one can get at affordable prices…. Read more5 Most Beautiful Villages Around Kasol

How to hire or rent a tent in Bhuntar/Kullu

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Himachal Pradesh is one the most beautiful places in India and if you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh especially to Kasol or Parvati valley then this trick is going to help you a lot because its about renting a tent in Bhuntar for Kasol Basically now a days I am just writing post on the most frequently asked questions to me. Last question which I got in my mail was how to hire or rent a tent in Bhuntar or Kullu, So I thought of writing a post. I remember my last trip to Kasol from Delhi. After… Read moreHow to hire or rent a tent in Bhuntar/Kullu