10 Reasons Why Goa Is The Most Preferred Party Destination In India

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Goa, the smallest state of India which is no more a best-kept secret traces its history back from the pre-historic and mythological era. It is an iconic example of an ideal treat by our mighty nature. Today, Goa stands out as a place with mesmerizing landscapes, scenic beaches, enthralling water sports, euphoric nightlife and mouth-watering sea food. Though the state has so much to offer, the primary reason for most of the travellers visiting Goa is to experience its vibrant night life! Call it the “Pearl of the orient” or the “Tourist’s paradise”, Goa certainly offers everything that you seek… Read more10 Reasons Why Goa Is The Most Preferred Party Destination In India

7 Must Visit Cafes In Manali

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Old Manali is one of the best places in India to spend your summer vacations. I have been traveling in Himachal Pradesh for the past 5 years exploring different places, culture, food and many more things. I have written number of articles on Kasol from top cafes to, the Best time to visit for parties. Recently in my mail box I received a mail where someone asked me to write something about cafes in Manali. I pursuied my 2 months industrial training from AD hydro power project in Prini Manali. During that tenure my lifestyle was very different I used… Read more7 Must Visit Cafes In Manali

8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol

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Kasol is what people call smokers paradise or the mini Israel in the Himalayas. This beautiful destinations lies on the way between Bhuntar to  Manikaran. . Kasol is for those who patiently observe the world from the fringes. It is for those who want to break free from Careers, Cars and Congregation. Kasol is perfect getaway for those people who want to get rid of the complicated problems and want to chill somewhere in the Himalayas. This place is known specially for its late night parties and world class music festivals. But when you land up in Kasol one thing… Read more8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol