Kheerganga to be soon Closed on High court orders!

kheerganga banned for tourist

Tranquility and gizmos of some places, calls u twice, as to witness its beauty once is not enough: for that u can surely visit Kheerganga. The place is in the arms of beautiful hills of Parvati valley. The natural hot-water-spring experience is something that you will remember for a lifetime. Most people who reach this place always come back for seconds as there you can simply not get enough of such a place. But the thing is why Kheerganga is closing down? Are you shocked to listen this statement! I was also shocked when I first heard this from one… Read moreKheerganga to be soon Closed on High court orders!

Camping Gear on Rent in Manali/Kasol

tent rental in Manali

Camping is one of those things which I have loved to my core and always suggest even my readers to emphasize on camping while traveling into Himalayas. Some people call me for hotel bookings as we being the native people are familiar with those properties which are cheaper and not listed on the top travel companies list. So here at walking wanderer we have initiated one more step forward to help you guys. Himachal pradesh is one of the most beautiful states in India and so are its trekking routes. The first thing we need for trekking is a good… Read moreCamping Gear on Rent in Manali/Kasol

How to rent/hire a tent in Kheerganga

tent for rent in kheerganga

Kheerganga is one of the most beautiful and easy trek to do in Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh. Kheerganga is situated at an altitude of 2960m from sea level binding some picturesque beauty of the Himalayas. 12km trek to kheerganga falls under the easy category of difficulty level, half of which is normal walk till Rudranaag and another half is mild climb, covered with pine trees which soon open to the meadows of Kheerganga. Ever since I have shared my trekking experience to Kheerganga I have got number of queries regarding ” How to rent or hire a tent in Kheerganga”…. Read moreHow to rent/hire a tent in Kheerganga

Top 6 Best Airlines in Thailand

best aeroplane in thailand

In fact, when we are going to go anywhere by airplane, we can face various difficulties. It is not a surprise that flights cost much money. That is why people usually try to find cheaper tickets, various discounts, sales, etc. But still, the service plays a big role in your comfort during the flight. For example, when you travel to or from Thailand, you can see amazing things in your window views. Thailand is a gorgeous country. So, in this article, we are going to look through the best airlines in Thailand. In accordance with the Internet website, there… Read moreTop 6 Best Airlines in Thailand

10 reasons why Kerala is the destination to relax (travel offers)

kerala in india

Every now and then, we get bored of our daily routine and we need a breakthrough. In this busy life where we live in a concrete jungle and our life is stuck between office and home, we deserve a holiday to rewind and relax. We need to go to a place, which is close to nature. Well keeping all these in mind the best place we can go is Kerala, which is known as God’s Own Country. This southern state of India has been given this title because of its vast composition i.e. from scenic viewpoints to beaches, tea plantations… Read more10 reasons why Kerala is the destination to relax (travel offers)

Six Dream Places to Visit in Maldives

maldives must visit

The Maldives is an Island with breathing taking views. It tops our list of places that one must visit once in his/her lifetime.  Maldives is all about amazing landscape and water; it is one of the best places for the water enthusiasts out there. Here we have a rundown of six dreamy places in the Maldives that you must visit whenever you plan a vacation, have a look: Submarine Ride If you ever get the chance to visit the Maldives do not miss the chance to admire the tremendously beautiful under water marine life. Even if you are not a… Read moreSix Dream Places to Visit in Maldives

10 Most mysterious places in India that will blow your mind

jwalaji akbar mystery

We Yearn for the beautiful, the unknown and the mysterious.- Issey Miyake. We love to know about mysterious things, about mysterious places and about mysterious events. There are somethings in world, which logic cannot answer and science fail to give the exact reason or it may be the possibility that we have yet not discovered the truth. But whenever such things happen, we term it as mysterious. It excites us and also fills us with awe and wonder. India is famous as land of wonder, beauty and rich spirituality but there is also mysterious side of India. There are some… Read more10 Most mysterious places in India that will blow your mind

Himachal Woman as WHO Calendar girl 2018 – Proud Himachali

Geeta verma came into news last year when she was spotted delivering the measles rubella vaccine box, She claimed the major fame this year when she was featured on the calendar of WHO for the year 2018. The chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Shri Jai Ram thakur also congratulated Geeta for her colossal success and told the media that it is a proud moment for every Himachali. The picture of Geeta riding a motorcycle has gone viral across Whatsapp and other social media platform. Every one is busy praising this young lady who has been delivering the vaccine to children… Read moreHimachal Woman as WHO Calendar girl 2018 – Proud Himachali

10 Reasons why Himachal Pradesh is best state in India

Shaun festival Malana

The mountainous State of Himachal Pradesh can be called as little paradise on earth. In Himachal nature can be seen in its best form. If you want to witness the beauty of snow covered mountains and experience the best thrill of playing with snow or just watching and enjoying snowfall, Himachal Pradesh is ideal place to visit. Himachal offers amazing natural beauty, be it exotic snow covered mountains or dense lush green forests. Take a walk across meadows of wild flowers and orchids, spend the night under the clear starry sky which gives an amazing experience to its spectators. It’s… Read more10 Reasons why Himachal Pradesh is best state in India

Himachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand – Which State is better for Holidays?

bhuntar airport view from bijlimahadev

Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, both the States are a part of northern Himalayan range so it becomes difficult for the visitors and travelers to choose one. Though both the states are beautiful in their own way but this article will give a little idea about why to choose Himachal Pradesh over Uttarakhand. We will give you reasons that make Himachal different from other Himalayan states and why visiting Himachal will be worth your time and money. Well, HIMACHAL PRADESH…..  It’s not just a State but it’s a feeling, a feeling so strong and so beautiful that you wouldn’t want to… Read moreHimachal Pradesh or Uttarakhand – Which State is better for Holidays?