How To reach Tosh and things to do Around Tosh

tosh village

Tosh is one of the most beautiful village after Kasol in Parvati valley. If you guys are planning a trip to Kasol then Tosh should always be on your wish list. In this article I will tell you how to tosh and things to do around. Snow-capped peaks, lush green landscapes and the freezing temperature are some of the basic characteristics of village Tosh. If you are planning a weekend of 2-3 days then Parvati valley is the best option but never come here with your families. Tosh is small village in Parvati valley and is located at a distance… Read moreHow To reach Tosh and things to do Around Tosh

Is Kasol Safe For Solo Traveling?

solo traveling in kasol

Kasol tourism has grown massively in past 5 years. The youth not only from India but also across the globe is fascinated about this mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh. Recently I have been writing articles in which I try to answer the doubts of people regarding the place. So today I decided to write about is Kasol a safe traveling destination for girl and boys traveling solo. Peaceful Himachal Himachal is one of the peaceful states in India with minimum crime rate. Crime rate recorded in Himachal Pradesh are all related to drugs, mafia, smuggling, Hashish Production etc. The number… Read moreIs Kasol Safe For Solo Traveling?

Best Time To Visit Kasol For Party Lovers

best time to visit kasol

It’s been one year since I am writing about this mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh. I have been visiting this place regularly for the past 5 years and I always try to answer every query of my readers regarding the place, if still you have any query you can leave that in comment section. Recently number of people has been asking me about the best time to visit Kasol for rave party lovers. Kasol is place which can be visited anytime during the year. Roads are accessible throughout the year from Bhuntar – Manikaran. If snowfall occur in winters then… Read moreBest Time To Visit Kasol For Party Lovers

8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol

top cafes in kasol

Kasol is what people call smokers paradise or the mini Israel in the Himalayas. This beautiful destinations lies on the way between Bhuntar to  Manikaran. . Kasol is for those who patiently observe the world from the fringes. It is for those who want to break free from Careers, Cars and Congregation. Kasol is perfect getaway for those people who want to get rid of the complicated problems and want to chill somewhere in the Himalayas. This place is known specially for its late night parties and world class music festivals. But when you land up in Kasol one thing… Read more8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol

Malana cream – The best Hashish in the world

welcome to malana

Malana in recent years have become a kind of brand which attract tourist not only from India but also from abroad. The entrance of village is marked by the terraced plantation of hemp which is the main cash crop of the village. The beautiful labyrinth of wooden houses with stone slabs on the top marks a unique architectural style. This was all about the village but the main topic for which I have written this post is the Malana cream titled as the best hashish in the world. Malana Cream “The best hashish in the world” and the proof is… Read moreMalana cream – The best Hashish in the world

10 Best Places To Visit In Kasol

temple of malana

Kasol is what they call is the stoners Paradise or smokers Paradise. Kasol is the relaxing getaway for people coming here. The town hasn’t  got monuments or other such sightseeing points but the natural beauty that the heart craves for, is in abundance. You need to walk in order to commute here. Kasol is also known to be as the mini Israel of Himachal Pradesh because of the many Israeli inhabitants one can see there. The sign boards of many cafes and restaurants are in Hebrew. The food that you get here is to die for. You have options from Israeli, Italian,… Read more10 Best Places To Visit In Kasol

How to rent a bike or motorcycle in Bhuntar/Kullu

bike rentals bhuntar

Bike trips are not just only about the geographical journey but are more about self- discovery, said the two bikers whom I met on my trip to Spiti valley last year. They said that it is a damn great feeling to ride a bike on the muddy roads to Spiti valley than to drive on the highway of Leh Ladakh. These guys shared their experiences, from their beautiful journey to the problems they faced in renting a bike in Manali, they told us everything. So I thought why don’t I write an article about how and from where one can… Read moreHow to rent a bike or motorcycle in Bhuntar/Kullu

Why Rave Party In Kasol Blew My Mind

Rave party in kasol

image source- Ashish Verma Every time I get the laptop to myself, I spend half the time searching for new articles on Kasol and Malana. I am so much in love with these destinations that in the last few years I have visited these places for about 6–7 times. Rave party of Kasol was something about which I used to hear a lot from my friends but never got a chance to actually witness any of these parties. All I heard about these rave parties was that these are among the top things to do in Kasol. These parties involve… Read moreWhy Rave Party In Kasol Blew My Mind

Why you should not visit Kasol ?


why you should not visit Kasol ? confused! You don’t have to be. Kasol is a village in Parvati valley which is often referred to as mini Israel due to the in-habitation of Israelis in the region. Youth, not only from our country but also from abroad is fascinated about this place but the main question arises that what is so special about this place and why you should not visit it and I am sure you will definitely get your answer at the end of this article. Kasol It is a beautiful as well as peaceful village located at… Read moreWhy you should not visit Kasol ?