Delhi Student Found Alive In Himachal, Survived 8 days on spring water in Triund

Himanshu Ahuja a Delhi boy who got missing during a trek to Triund was finally found after a long rescue operation.

The boy trekked along with 40 other students and some faculty members of the Maharaja Agarsen college Delhi.

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Spring water survival

Himanshu was left behind the group as he could not keep the pace the fellow travelers and on the way down he slipped and broke his foot. He stayed under a overhanging rock and used water from spring near to survive all these days.

The member of rescue team told that it was miracle that he survived in such harsh conditions. As the climate in the mountains is very unpredictable..

So guys take this as a lesson and whenever you travel to Himalayas be safe and try to keep other safe..

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