Walking wanderer Camps Kheerganga @ Rs 999

walking camps kheerganga

Kheerganga is situated at an altitude of 2960m from sea level binding some picturesque beauty of the Himalayas. 12km trek to kheerganga falls under the easy category of difficulty level, half of which is normal walk till Rudranaag and another half is mild climb, covered with pine trees which soon open to the meadows of kheerganga.

Why choose Us?

Walking wanderers is a travel blog for the travelers out there. I have been writing about Kasol and Parvati valley for nearly 4 years and have know this place through and through. Every month I get number of mails in which people ask me to suggest some good camping locations in the Kheerganga. So hence Me and my friends thought of starting our own camps in the valley where travelers can trust our name and get all the basic amenities which will be unique in its own way.

The second most important reason to book with us is that, we are not any big travel company who are selling hotels or camps from Delhi without knowing the true situation of the place. We at walking wanderer being the local people knows the region well and will try to make your stay one of the best stays in life.


  • Our Walking wanderer camps are located in Kheerganga. Kheerganga host only few camps after the high court orders and our camps are one of them, finding them in Kheerganga won’t be a problem at all. You can see our boards all around the place and the availability of local guide 24/7 by our team is the best part of our service

Price Inclusions

  • Enjoy Hot water bath
  • Clean and hygienic washrooms
  • Bonfire
  • Music
  • Food
  • Stays

Other Activities

  • Make new friends
  • Meditate in the lap of Himalayas
  • Relax around Parvati river.

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