Here’s Why You Need To Rent a Holiday Home When You Visit Gozo

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As part of the Maltese archipelago, Gozo boasts of its breathtaking sceneries, culture, historical sites, and cuisine. It is home to the famous Azure Window, the setting of some of Hollywood’s top-rated moves like Troy, The Game of Thrones, and The Count of Monte Cristo. Although this island can be travelled in one day, many travellers prefer to stay in the island for at least three days to enjoy the beauty of the place and savour each moment of their holiday experience.

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Yes, hotels and apartments are popular accommodation options in the island. However, if you want an extraordinary and unforgettable trip, it would be wise to rent holiday homes in Gozo. Here are the top perks to enjoy if you choose this accommodation option:

  1. Availability of Amenities – Considering that a holiday home is usually fully-furnished, you can consider it as your “home away from home.” It usually has a fridge, which you can fill with your choice of foods. You can also enjoy a comfortable bedroom, kitchen, and a dining area that are more or less like what you have at home. If you’re up to shell out additional money, you can choose a holiday home with a pool, a gym, and a theatre. If you’re also renting a van, you can also negotiate with the owner to park it at your home, which means ease of transportation for your group.
  2. Convenience – At hotels and apartments, you might need to go out of your room to look for food or dine at the hotel’s restaurant. And this can cost you a lot. One of the good things about renting a holiday home is the fact that you can prepare your own meals, which means big savings. The kitchen is usually fully furnished with all the appliances you need to cook your choice of meals. At a holiday home in Gozo, you can also sleep or hang out wherever you want, whether at a beachfront deck or at a patio fronting the island’s rolling hills and coasts.
  3. The View – Gozo is among the world’s top-rated travel destination, and the island’s holiday homes are usually located in some of these attractions. This means you can enjoy the island’s sceneries even at the comforts of your rented home. You can visit these destinations with ease, and hang out as long as you can. The holiday homes themselves are architectural masterpieces.
  4. Privacy – At hotels, there are usually staffs assigned to visit your room regularly to clean, which is quite an inconvenience. If you like to enjoy some alone time either with on your own, family or friends, renting a holiday home is a perfect decision. Because you have the house all to yourself, you can basically do whatever you want, whether you like a beer and pizza party or a movie marathon. There are no hotel attendants to bother you.
  5. Great option for the entire family – Are you travelling with your elderly parents or relatives? Are you bringing your children along with you? If you are, it would be practical to rent a holiday home in Gozo. An accommodation like this is fully furnished and convenient, which means your children and elderly loved ones would feel comfortable. There’s a place for everyone at home, even for your pets.
  6. Stretch your budget for accommodation – Renting holiday homes in Gozo is actually perfect for travellers going in a big group. Unlike hotels wherein there’s a strict limit for the number of people allowed in one room, you can let in more guests in your holiday home. You’ll only divide the total cost of the rental, allowing you to save.
  7. Options – With a little research, you can also find holiday homes that are tied up to discounted travel tours. Yes, you won’t have to spend more time creating your own travel route, and you don’t need to pay for additional hotel accommodation cost.

Gozo is such a wonderful place to travel, and one-day itineraries can’t really give you enough experience of the island. If you’re a real outdoor lover, you would want to stay a little longer. Considering a three-day trip would be great to immerse yourself in the culture, heritage, cuisine, and landscape of the place.

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