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As I have always mentioned that bikes are the best mode to travel to Manali or any other part of Kullu valley. So today in this article I will tell you how you guys can book your bike rentals for Manali online before reaching the place.

Is Booking a bike before a good Idea?

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I know this might be the first question in your mind after reading the title of this article but let me clear you few things that how booking a bike before reaching the place is a better idea than searching for a bike after reaching the place. Recently Our team at walking wanderer have received number of calls where people usually ask for rentals around Manali after reaching there.

Manali is one of the most popular tourist destination In India after Goa. So if you are traveling during the month of May, June which are usually the peak season months then you should definitely go for online booking instead of looking for bike after reaching there.

During the May end roads for Leh Ladakh get opened and it gets very difficult to rent bikes in Manali for Rohtang pass or local sightseeing. And if you get the bikes those will not be in good condition or you have to pay huge money for the bikes. So if you have made an online booking before it will help you in getting the bikes at nominal rate then it may be the peak season or not.

I have written one article in which I have mentioned how you can plan a three days trip to Manali, covering all the major places like Rohtang pass, Solang valley, old Manali and Naggar but this is only possible if you have a bike then that can be yours or the rented one. The main problem lies here as it is not feasible to carry your bikes along so the rented bikes are the best option.

So surely booking a bike before is definitely a good Idea.

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How do we check the condition of bike?

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This is the first question for me as well when I travel to some place and need a bike for rental. I have been traveling across the Valley for past 6 year, sometime I bring my own bike and sometimes I rent one. And I rent from one of the most trustworthy person I know here Thakur bhai. This person has helped me in providing bike  not only locally but also to Leh, Ladakh and Spiti for my bike expeditions. So you can be tension free regarding the condition of bikes which he provides. when ever someone demands bikes from us I call him and he says “Pehle bolna tha na bhai”. So finally I thought of writing this article so that you guys can book bikes before reaching the place and can plan a sweet and memorable trip to Manali or Rohtang pass.

Rahul Thakur -8988265439 – I have mentioned his number, you can call him regarding bike bookings in Manali and around.

Note: Never ever Rent bikes from the local Mechanics. I have small incident to share one of friend told me that he tried to look for some cheap rental services in Manali, he even got one but when he returned the bike he was blamed for scratches and damage which were present from first only. He was later told to pay more money. This was how he was cheated. So remember whenever you rent a bike always rent from trusted source. The above shared number is one of really trustworthy persons I know in Himachal.

Tips to know for bike booking

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  • Always ask for pictures for bikes before making a booking. In case you are doing booking for bikes from your source or mine always ask for the pictures of bikes he/she has for rentals
  • Always clear the amount to be deposited before you make any payment
  • Always try to bargain the price and ask for helmets and saddles, Some rental services charge extra for saddle but still try to get that for free along with the bike.
  • Make sure that the RC(registration certificate), Insurance and PUC (Pollution Under Control) documents related to rented/hired bike are provided and they are up to date and valid enough. After all you do not want to land in some dismal situation on your life time trip.

Bike rental rates in Manali

bike rental for rohtang

Royal Enfield Himalayan – 1700 per day

Royal Enfield Bullet 500 – 1500 per day

Royal Enfield classic 350 -1300 per day

Street Avenger – 1000 per day

Scooties – 700 per day

Bike Ride Accessories on Rent in Leh – Ladakh

  • Two Men Tent = Rs 500

  • Sleeping Bag = Rs 200

  • Sleeping Mattress = Rs 150

  • Riding Jacket = Rs 300

  • Knee / Elbow Guard = Rs 200

  • Riding Gloves = Rs 100

  • Ladakh Carrier / Saddle Bags = Rs 100

  • Gum Boots = Rs 50

  • Digital Camera = Rs 500

  • Go Pro with mounts = Rs 700

The rates mentioned above are for per day

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so I hope you would have got why you should book your bikes online before reaching Manali

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