Top 6 Best Airlines in Thailand

best aeroplane in thailand

In fact, when we are going to go anywhere by airplane, we can face various difficulties. It is not a surprise that flights cost much money. That is why people usually try to find cheaper tickets, various discounts, sales, etc. But still, the service plays a big role in your comfort during the flight. For example, when you travel to or from Thailand, you can see amazing things in your window views. Thailand is a gorgeous country. So, in this article, we are going to look through the best airlines in Thailand.

In accordance with the Internet website, there is a list of the best airlines in Thailand. Basically, you can read more information about this company on the following link .

Airline #1: Thai Airways.

The next airline on our list is Thai Airlines. This company is famous for its great service and wider seats. They guarantee to make your flight as perfect and comfortable as possible. It has infant and children fares. Actually, it can cover only several destinations, but still, you will watch amazing places of interest in your window.

Airline #2: Thai Smile.

This company is in the middle between low-cost and full-service airlines. In fact, it is a bit cheaper than Thai Airways. But still, Thai Smile covers almost all the destinations. It has a good service, provides you with meals, and baggage place. The price can vary due to the date, time, and class. In any way, you will always get pleasure while traveling with this airline.

Airline #3: Bangkok Airways.

This airline is one of the best among others. It has the best service, delicious meals, various drinks, cozy seats, and amazing window views. Also, it covers almost all of the destinations. So, you can relax and get pleasure from the flight. As for the prices, they are not the lowest, but still, this company provides its customers with various discounts and sales.

Airline #4: AirAsia.

This company is the only low-cost airline in Thailand. The prices are cheap, but the service is great. It also provides its customers with comfortable seats, delicious meals, drinks, baggage, etc. Also, it always gives some discounts, so, you can save money on your flight (especially when you book the ticket and the hotel as well). You can check their online website from time to time, in order to get known about various promotions.

Airline #5: Nok Air.

The last airline on our list is Nok Air. It also provides a good service and comfortable flight. It is a premium low-cost airline in Thailand. The prices are rather cheap. By the way, there are various promotions and discounts, which can save your money. Moreover, you will get a free Wi-Fi on some routes.

Airline #6: Thai Lion Air.

It is a low-cost airline with cheap tickets. The main difference is that if you want to get meals during the flight or have a more spacious seat, you should pay for it. You can choose the seat and book the ticket on their online website. Actually, this airline is rather new in Thailand. That is why it covers just seven destinations. But still, the service is great.

So, now you know 6 best airlines in Thailand. Just look through all of them and choose the most suitable for you. In any way, Thailand is full of amazing destinations, so, you can enjoy your window views during the flight.

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