Kheerganga to be soon Closed on High court orders!

kheerganga banned for tourist

Tranquility and gizmos of some places, calls u twice, as to witness its beauty once is not enough: for that u can surely visit Kheerganga.

The place is in the arms of beautiful hills of Parvati valley. The natural hot-water-spring experience is something that you will remember for a lifetime. Most people who reach this place always come back for seconds as there you can simply not get enough of such a place. But the thing is why Kheerganga is closing down?

Are you shocked to listen this statement! I was also shocked when I first heard this from one of my friends. Yes guys Kheerganga will be shortly closed on High court orders for night stays and camping.

After Malana, now even Kheerganga won’t be a place where you could stay for a night.

Kheerganga was and will always be one of my favorite place in Himachal pradesh for trekking and spending my time. I was in conversation with old friend of mine from Kheerganga who pitches his tent up there.

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What is the Scenario?

He mentioned that ” After 25th all the camps and tents will be removed from up there after the High court orders. As all the camps and tents pitched in Kheerganga are on forest land so last year High court told the local people to remove the camps by 25th April 2018 but as the local people have already invested in tents and camping so they were given an extension of one month till 25th May.

So if you guys are planning a trip to Kheerganga do confirm this thing from your tour operator or guide before reaching the place.

Basically you are not banned from trekking up there but the only thing is that you won’t have option to stay up there after your tiring trek.

People might think of bringing their own camping gear and staying up there but still it’s not confirmed whether you can place your own tents up there or not. Forest department may penalize you for placing your own tents up there in Kheerganga

I hope you got what I am trying to say and if you are still confused with your plans and what’s the all issue you can DM me on Instagram

I will feel free to help you!

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