Camping Gear on Rent in Manali/Kasol

tent rental in Manali

Camping is one of those things which I have loved to my core and always suggest even my readers to emphasize on camping while traveling into Himalayas.

Some people call me for hotel bookings as we being the native people are familiar with those properties which are cheaper and not listed on the top travel companies list. So here at walking wanderer we have initiated one more step forward to help you guys.

Himachal pradesh is one of the most beautiful states in India and so are its trekking routes. The first thing we need for trekking is a good tent, camping gear and we know how costly the good tents and camping gear are and for the beginner traveler, budget is the main concern.

So if you are planning a trip to Manali and looking for cheap options to stay or else planning a trek to any part in Himalayas you just have to contact the numbers mentioned below. Just give us a call and leave all your worries to us. We will try to provide you the tent and all other

camping gear as per your demand wherever you say.

There are number of treks to do from Manali like Anjani Mahadev, Beas kund, Hampta pass etc but the only problem which most of the people face is not having proper trekking accessories.There are number of reasons for the people to not have trekking gear as it becomes very difficult to carry while traveling from Delhi or Chandigarh.

So what is the option?

We at walking wanderer have always tried popularize the trend of backpacking and trekking in Himachal Pradesh. In order to make traveling cheap and economical we are trying to provide the tents at cheapest rate we can. Not only the tents but also the trekking gear such as trekking shoes, lights, tents, sleeping bags etc.

Why Rent Trekking or Camping gear?

It is not always easy to carry trekking or camping gear when you are traveling from far away places and the only option left is to rent it from local source. We have been renting the goods for tenting and camping since long time and with time we have made our name as one of the trusted source for all travel services in Kullu Manali.

Things for Rent

sleeping bag for rent in kasolmanali
Sleeping bag for rent
2 men tent for rent in manali
2 men tent for rent
4 men tent for rent in Kasol
4 men tent for rent
Go Pro for rent Manali
Go pro for rent

Call on 945984115 and Get the quotation for any equipment and take them away for a pleasant journey. We specialize in providing tent for rent in Manali and camping tent for rent at affordable rates for renting tents, camps, camping gear sleeping bags or any other accessories in Manali, Kasol or Kullu.

Terms and condition

1. Equipment will be issued on availability and on “first come first serve basis”.
2. Deposit to be paid in advance via online / cash only against total security.
3. Pickup from Bhuntar, just call us or you can pick from Kalehli opposite Metro Car care
4. Equipment has to be returned in the same condition as issued, SOL decision would be final in terms of calculating the total damage charges.
5. Minimum Rent is of two Days.

Rahul Sharma – 945984115(walking wanderer) For Rentals

5 thoughts on “Camping Gear on Rent in Manali/Kasol

  1. Hi,

    We will be starting to Kasol from Delhi on 30th June’18(Saturday). We would like to explore laces around Kasol. Please suggest the itinerary.



    1. Hi,

      We will be starting to Kasol from Delhi on 30th June’18(Saturday). We would like to explore laces around Kasol. Please suggest the itinerary. We need to be back in Delhi by 8th July’18(Sunday Evening)



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