Himachal Woman as WHO Calendar girl 2018 – Proud Himachali

Geeta verma came into news last year when she was spotted delivering the measles rubella vaccine box, She claimed the major fame this year when she was featured on the calendar of WHO for the year 2018.

The chief minister of Himachal Pradesh Shri Jai Ram thakur also congratulated Geeta for her colossal success and told the media that it is a proud moment for every Himachali.

The picture of Geeta riding a motorcycle has gone viral across Whatsapp and other social media platform. Every one is busy praising this young lady who has been delivering the vaccine to children of Gujjar as well as Shepard community.

When entire India is talking about women empowerment I believe that it’s one of the finest example from Himachal pradesh to entire India about women empowerment and how dedicated the women of 21st century are. I never share such kind of post but this time it was really¬† something important which I wanted to share.

So if you think that you are proud Himachali as I am right now then don’t forget to share it.

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