Smart Travel Hacks You Will Want to Try

selfie stick must carry to kasol

Nowadays almost every person is busy in making money and doing their work. In this solid routine if you want to organise your trip with great and definite tricks by solving some small issues then here we are going to tell you some little hacks that you will want to try.

Knife Holder

swiss knife for kasol

If you are planning a picnic or camping, taking the best pocket knife with you is one of the main things. Without them you cannot spend your time. Obviously, keeping them in a safe place is quite challenging. For this, you can use your PVC Polymerized Vinyl Chloride pipe and cap. Cut your extra PVC pipe into the size of your knife. You can use glue on one side of the cap and marked the unglued side of a cap with the help of a marker. In this way, you can put your knife in that holder, and it will not harm anyone.


power bank for kasol to carry

Batteries are used in such a way that we use them in controlling out TV; kids love to play with remote control cars, our wall clocks are working with batteries. Small kids usually have small clocks with them while they are on a trip. So, kids, this is for you too. We have a quite simple way to help you to judge that if batteries are still useful or dead. For this, you drop your battery on an even surface, if it is in good condition, it will remain still, but dead one will fall over the surface.

Sun glass Case


While traveling, you don’t need to put your headphones in any bag or your pocket. Even computer cards get damage if you don’t put them in the right place during traveling. So for this issue, Use sun glass case, so they don’t get ruined.

Travel sized Bottle

water bottle for kasol

During traveling, you can use your travel sized bottles into a medicine container so it may not get wasted and even you can layer your different medicines to keep them in the form of groups.

Use of Tissue Paper

tissue paper

In this busy routine, we don’t have time to press our clothes properly even when you are traveling. We have some dresses that we can wear for different occasions. So here we are going to explain an idea through which you can look decent without pressing your clothes. You can wrap your clothes in tissue paper so it will not get any wrinkles. This can save your time when you are away to your home.

Graphite Pencil

pencil graphite

Zip is one of the important parts of our life as it helps to keep many things as it contributes to zip your clothes in winters. If you are on your trip and your zip gets stuck. Then simply rub graphite pencil tip to fix stuck zipper teeth.

Chap Stick

As Chap Stick is one of the best things for your lips outside in winters, but you can use them for one more thing. As you know paper cuts are the most painful wounds, and they take longer to heal as they are shallow. You do most of your work with your hands making it harder for the edges of the cut to heal. So if you put some chapstick on it will help to heal your wound easily.

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