Snow Leopard Spotted For The First Time In Great Himalayan National Park

snow leopard in great himalayan national park

Snow leopard is one of the most beautiful and rarest animals in the world. Belonging to the wild cat family this animal is found basically on the snowy highlands of central Asia. It is believed that out of total population of snow leopard almost 60% is in China.

Snow leopard name is derived from its existence in snowy highlands and during summer this beautiful creature may climb to higher or cooler altitudes of as high as 4500 meters above sea level.

Snow Leopard In Himachal

Its been ages since people of Himachal Pradesh have been hearing about the presence of snow leopard in the Great Himalayan national Park but it was never spotted except by the local shepherds.

It is believed that Snow leopard is a very shy animal because it is a very rare case where someone could spot this amazing creature. But often Shepherds discuss or narrate beautiful stories of their encounter with Snow leopard in the Great Himalayan National Park.

This incident of spotting a Snow leopard in the Great Himalayan National Park has added charm to the beauty of this beautiful place. This can be a major factor of attraction for number of tourists in Himachal pradesh.

The proof of presence will not only boost tourist across the country but will also help promoting tourist from foreign countries.

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Who Spotted the Snow Leopard in Great Himalayan National Park

  • This magic of spotting an animal was done by Doctrate student from Kolkata named Meghna. Meghna spotted the animal along with her collegues named Bintu and Pritam. The best part was that they were able to capture pictures of leopard in their cameras.
  • To complete their studies they headed their directions toward this world heritage site. To complete their studies they installed various trap cameras around the jungle in order to capture pictures of distinct animals. After few days of hard work when they started watching the pictures of trap cameras, they were stunned and shocked to see the pictures of Snow leopard.
  • As mentioned earlier that this animal loves to live at an altitude of 3500 or above. But this is the first time when the presence of leopard is confirmed at such low altitude levels and it has become a topic for debate for many researchers.
  • In present time this animal in Himachal Pradesh is mainly restricted to the highlands of Lahaul Spiti. Here they have perfected their skills to hunt animals like Ibex. But till then the news of spotting the Snow leopard in Great Himalayan National Park is amazing for the lovers of this animal.
  • snow leopard in himachal

The first authentic picture was taken on October 31, by the trap camera installed by Meghna and her guide Ramesh.

They claim that a male snow leopard was spotted at the national park, situated at 2,490 metres above the sea level.

This has also been confirmed by the Divisional Forest Officer of Great Himalayan National Park, Kripa Ram.

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