Top 5 Hotels In Kasol to Make your stay Amazing!

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If you are a regular reader of walking wanderer then you must be aware that this post is little different from all other posts I share on my website. Recently I got number of mails asking me to write a detail post on top hotels in Kasol.

For me whenever I travel my first priority is to book hotels in advance. After a tiring journey it becomes really difficult sometimes to search manually for the places to stay.

Being familiar with Kasol I can easily suggest you top 5 hotels for your stay in Kasol.

The Himalayan Village

Himalayan Village kasol

The Himalayan Village” is a glorious mix of style, top class facilities, where the traditional architecture & aesthetics blend harmoniously. “The Himalayan village” is an ideal place to rejuvenate among st nature and its ways. Sitting under deodar jungle in the morning hours with the sun rays breaking through brings with it the peace of nature.

This Hotel is now named as Sanjha Chulha. It is among the most Luxurious hotels in Kasol, So if you are planning a trip to Kasol and budget is not your concern then this hotel can offer you something which others can’t.

Situated along the the banks of river Parvati this hotel is a combination of small huts and wooden towers which you can book according to your own priority.

The Himalayan Village has multiple restaurants, a beautiful traditional bar, a spa with heat sauna, steam sauna, Jacuzzi, aroma bath therapy, initiations and wellness program, acupressure, and massaging to take care of you after a day of activities like river crossing, rappelling, nature walks, jungle incursions, rock climbing, mountain biking, trout angling, trekking, orchard picnics, rafting.

After refreshing your mind and soul, join us for the traditional folk dances of himachal done by “we the staff” and polish off the day with the mouth watering cuisines of himachal. “The Himalayan village” is real insight to the lifestyle, culture, cuisines, architecture of We “Pahari people” We promise you all a true Pahari warmth and love.

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Sandhya  Kasol

hotel sandhya kasol menu

Sandhya hotel in Kasol is one of my favorite places to stay whenever I am in Kasol. This Hotel is comparatively cheaper as compare to The Himalayan Village but the aura which this place delivers is not less then Himalayan village. The cleanliness and the charming location of the place is something beyond explanation.

This hotel attracted me once when me and my friends returned from Kheerganga trek. The place is very comfortable. Amenities were good, food was also delicious and you will find this to be the only luxurious hotel in Kasol after Himalayan village. A must visit if you don’t want to compromise on your stay.

Parvati Kutter Kasol

parvati kutter kasol

As everyone knows that Kasol tourism has boosted a lot in past 5 years. So it becomes very easy for a traveler to find accommodation in quaint little Kasol, but at same time it can’t be said about finding peace in this fast-growing tourist hub. So if you looking for home to stay instead of hotel where you can feel just like home then Parvati Kutter is perfect place for you guys. surrounded by dense deodar trees the cottages are situated along the banks of river Parvati overlooking the charming villages on the hill across. You will start the day with the chirping of birds, rejuvenating forest breeze and constant music of river Parvati. As it gets dark, the sky over the resort fills up with dazzling stars and you can just sit by the bonfire listening to the music of the night. For me Parvati kutter will always be on the list of best hotels in Kasol.

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The Hosteller Kasol

kasol hosteller

The Hosteller – Kasol, conveniently located just 3-min away from the Kasol city center towards Old Kasol,  is Parvati valley’s first & only backpacker hostel. Cut-off from rest of the world, our hostel is as close to the nature as it can get. Traditionally built, hostel is themed on the exposed brick architecture with wooden furniture, not missing the Bohemian touch in every corner. I would suggest you to go for hosteller if you are traveling solo or budget is your main concern. Because every time I headed to this place I came out with new friend.

Hostel supports a fully equipped cafe & kitchen, chilling space, camp site, open porches & balconies to hang loose, library area, and a backpacker tailored travel desk, like no other. For those of you with a spark towards being an adventurer, enjoy the night inside our cosy tents in the backyard or tag along on our specially designed jungle walks. Musicians, feel free to drop in and jam.

So here is the list of top 4 hotels in Kasol which will make your trip more than amazing.

Please follow these things while traveling –

– Manage your waste well and don’t litter

– Use dustbins wherever necessary

– Avoid plastic bottles in hills. Usually you get clean water in hills and water bottles create a lot of mess in our ecosystem.

– Say a big NO to plastic and avoid those unhealthy snacks packed in plastic bags and rather buy fruits.

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