Why Rent Bikes from Bhuntar instead of Manali for Leh Ladakh

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Leh Ladakh has recently become one the major tourist Hot spot in J&K. Every biker, not only in India but also across the globe dreams about the highest motor able road in the world. I have been myself to Leh Ladakh thrice, once with my own bike and 2 times with a rented bike and believe me guys the experience was extra ordinary.

I once planned a trip in 2016 when I rented a bike from Manali. One day of local sight seeing and the next day I left for Leh. But this year I rented a bike from Bhuntar and my plans varied a little. I rented a bike and went to Kasol where I explored Tosh, Malana, enjoyed a party and left for Leh- Ladakh.

The biggest problem which I faced while renting a bike from Manali was about the permit for the Rohtang pass while no such problem occurred in Bhuntar. My bike provider arranged it for me and it was really nice of him because I had no Idea about How to get a permit to Rohtang pass at that time.

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Why you should Rent Bikes from Bhuntar instead of Manali

  • This article is all about my personal experience and I am just sharing it so that in future if you plan for Leh Ladakh this might help you a little.
  • Manali is a very big town as compare to Bhuntar. So if you are planning to hire a bike from Manali you need to visit various Mechanics for various renting option making it a tiring Job. As much as I know in Manali all the good bike providers are in Vasisth road which makes it further difficult to rent a bike.
  • Whereas in Bhuntar you just give a call to bike provider by searching its number on google. Within few minutes a great condition bike is delivered to the person.
  • As in Bhuntar there are very less bike provider so it becomes essential to book your bikes prior to your journey at least a week before.
  • The best part of renting a bike from Bhuntar is that you can also plan a short 2-3 days trip to Parvati valley. Some people say that Parvati valley is all about trekking but if you ask me I would say it is also about the bike rides along the gushing Parvati river.
  • Every time I plan a trip to Leh Ladakh the first day of mine itenary is about the local sight seeing of Manali which really pisses me off sometime because seriously speaking Manali has nothing to explore just the same old Mall road and markets. Instead I prefer to visit Parvati valley or Kasol.
  • The other reason why I prefer renting a bike from Bhuntar is that the services which these local guys provide are amazing. In Manali if you are looking for a saddle or a carrier for a bike you have to pay some extra bucks but in Bhuntar they just provide you free of cost.
  • Manali has shown a great boom in tourist number in recent years which have make the local people too greedy and they try to exploit every occasion to make some money.
  • In 2016 when I rented a bike from Manali I did’nt have any idea about Rohtang pass permit but later when I came to know, the local bike provider asked me to pay 500 rs for the permit which actually cost around 50Rs. You might be thinking that 500 is not that big amount to create issue but believe me guys its not about 500 Rs its all about How greedy a person can be.

 Important Things to know for hiring a Bike/Motorcycle in Bhuntar

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  • The first and the last thing you should do before renting a bike is to check it properly. The conditions of the bikes are not that good so “prevention is always better than cure”.
  • You should always book a bike after reaching a particular place. Booking online can create problems sometimes. Visit the various bike rental workshops test drive a bike before actually renting it for a trip
  • You should always have a valid driving license before renting a bike. If you are beginner in riding a bike then you should prefer bus as a good traveling option to parvati valley or Kasol
  • Some dealers will provide you too old bikes which will cost your pockets very less but that is never a good idea. Try to get a new bike at a decent price after bargaining. Bargaining is tool which I always use while traveling in Himachal.
  • If you want to plan a short trip for the local sightseeing then renting a bike in Bhuntar can be a good option but if you are looking to plan a trip to Leh Ladakh then Manali is much better option for renting a bike.
  • Make sure that the RC(registration certificate), Insurance and PUC (Pollution Under Control) documents related to rented/hired bike are provided and they are up to date and valid enough. After all you do not want to land in some dismal situation on your life time trip.
  • Always ask your bike renter to attach carrier to your bike so that it becomes easy for you guys to carry your luggage in most comfortable manner.

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