Some Amazing facts To know about Rasol Cream.

rasol cream

Rasol, have you heard the name? This village has recently become a kind of brand for the youth now days. The fame of cream which this place offers has increased at an exponential rate in the last few years thanks to the social network.

You can visit Rasol village by doing a small trek of 2-3 hours from Kasol village. On the way you will cross one of the most beautiful village in Parvati valley called Challal.

Rasol village has become so famous in International stoners culture after Malana that every weed smoker want to visit this little hamlet in Parvati valley. So today I am going to bring you the list of 10 Interesting facts about Rasol cream.

THC Content

rasol  cream best hasish

THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Which is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Its condition totally depends on the temperature in the surroundings.  Some theories claim that Malana plants may contain 32- 42% of THC which is pretty huge percentage because the average cannabis plant produce it around just 5 to 7% so you can imagine how strong is Parvati cream. But if we talk about Rasol cream the studies show that the THC content in Rasol cream is around 25-28% which is also enough to boost your brains THC receptors.

Climate of Rasol

rasol people high

Rasol cream is extracted from cannabis plant which is named as Indica. Adapted to the Himalayan climate these plants pertain the property of being wind resistant and rain resistant which adds further to the quality of cream. Rasol cream is not the best cream in the valley but is among the top cream in the valley.

Oil content

oil content in rasol cream

Just like Malana cream, Rasol cream has high oil content and an intensely fragrant aroma. The tremendously high oil content of the Rasol Cream accounts for it to be one of the most expensive and best hashish in the world . Even cannabis dealers in New Delhi quote very high prices for their products obtained from Parvati valley. As told earlier this cream is a hardy strain accompanied by very exquisite aromatic resins. The plant grows to a height of about 4 meters and is prolifically and vigorously productive.

For me high is of 2 types

First which makes you happy, happy and more happy yet you are able to study, work or do anything you want.

Second high makes you dumb and fool. You become a kind of lethargic person  you find a corner and sit there may be forever.

Malana cream lies in the first category. It taste is amazing never hits you in throat and gives you a feeling which cannot be delineated in words. That is the reason why this village has become one of the world’s top stoners destinations

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price of rasol cream biggest fact

unlike Malana cream, Rasol cream has yet not won any awards but may soon win in future because for me this cream is one of the best in world.

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