Why Rave Party In Goa is best thing to do in life?

hilltop rave party

“Rave party in Goa was among the top and best experiences of my life” said my foreigner friend Lune. I met this guy in Kasol just before the only rave party I attended in my life.

I visited Kasol last to last year for a house party which was organized by my friends.  I came from Delhi with my friend. I took a Volvo from Kashmiri gate to Manali and after an 12 hours of journey, around 7 in the morning I reached the place called Bhuntar. At this time it was very difficult for us to get transport to Kasol so we searched for bike rental options and luckily we got one.

We hired the bikes for 3 days and started our journey to the Magical Valley. After an hours drive we reached Kasol, we parked our bike and started our trek to village called Challal.

When ever I visit Kasol I prefer to stay in challal or Kalga. These two places are among my favorite places  to stay around Kasol.

In recent years Kasol have become a hub for backpackers creating a very crowdy atmosphere which is never my cup of tea. After 20 minutes of trekking, I reached challal where I booked a room for 2 days in a local guest house. After keeping my luggage I went to one of my favorite cafes in Kasol, ie: Shanti cafe.

There is not even a single visit of mine to Kasol when I haven’t went to this cafe. And here is where I met this guy name Lune. He was basically a Israeli guy who have just came back after a Spiti bike expedition.

We started with discussing about his bike tour and he shared some sweet as well as bitter memories of his trip. And later he told me that he is currently in Kasol to attend the rave party or we can say the house party.

He was rolling and I was smoking, we both were on high nodes of life and in the flow of nature Lune started to tell his best rave party experience in life.

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Noam Trip to Goa

dates of rave party in goa

pic credit – Henrique Marqueles

“After serving for 3 years in the army I wanted to travel to India. India has always been on my wish list, the culture , the food and everything about this country is extra ordinary. I love the colors of this diverse nation” I did’nt remember many things which Noam told me but these were few of the things which strike me and made me proud to be a part of such diverse and secular country.

He told me everything about his travel from Israel to India. He came to India with 3 more friends who have also served in the Israeli army and they all basically headed to India to celebrate their retirement. In order to reach Goa they had another flight from Delhi to Mumbai and from Mumbai onwards they have planned to rent a car for their further journey. They were basically visiting Goa for the Rave party experience which they have been come to know from their old friend. So they were very excited about that party.

goa rave party scene

He also mentioned that at that time Kasol was not known to any one. And he is absolutely true, Kasol have come into lime light in past 5 years. I once had a conversation with Prem thakur the local resident of the place and he told me that “3-4 year ago there was not even a single person on the streets of Kasol but now you have a look the streets are full of foreinger and Indian crowd”. The youth is flocking to this beautiful village in huge numbers as if they are visiting America.

rave party in goa

After renting the car from Bombay, Noam and his friends headed toward Goa. He told me that the journey from Bombay to Goa was one of the best drives of his life. The waterfalls and the beautiful western ghats was something which made Noam heart to pound widely. After 9 hours of long drive they finally reached their dream destination for which they have been traveling from middle eastern part of the world.

The first thought which came to Noam mind was where would be the rave party and what it would be like. Goa has always been a party hub in India. since 1980s hippies started to visit Goa and within few years the whole atmosphere of the place was changed. At that time rave party was not known to many people but later on it started to became an integral part of Goa’s culture and life style.

Noam told me that in Goa most of the clubs and pubs are located in the north Goa in Vagator and Anjuna beach. And the crowd here in these location is just phenomenal.

After checking into the hotel Noam and his friends had some rest and later after few hours they went out to explore the real Goa. Noam told me that when they were enjoying on the beaches of Goa. A message arrived and it was from the organizer of rave party revealing the location and time of the rave party. The location was the famous Hilltop disco and bar located on the top of Vagator hill and just far away from the residential crowd making it the perfect place for the rave party experience.

Noam also mentioned that at that time in 2007 police and administration was not that strict with the parties happening across Goa unlike now. Now the adminstration has totally banned such kind of rave parties across the region. And in a way they are correct also in order to save our culture and tradition we need to check such kind of parties.

Parties are not a problem to administration but the main problem is all about the use of illegal products consumed in such kind of parties. When in 1980 hippies introduced the concept of rave party, at that time there was no use drugs or any other illegal substance but with time as people understood that these parties can be used as an impressive tool to earn some handsome money they started to enroll the culture of drugs in such kind of parties.

Noam Told me that after they received the message about the location and time of the rave party. They started heading toward the location for the rave party in Goa. Hill top is basically Goa’s most iconic party destination. People from all across the world gather here for the psychedelic parties which this place hosts. The best time to visit this place for rave party in Goa is during the Christmas or new year when the number of people in the parties increase by thousand.

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Rave Party Experience In Goa

rave party goa

Noam described Hill top as an open air venue for the parties that take place in Goa and is among the best places for the party in the region. Noam then started describing his rave party experience “After reaching the place I was totally confused. The crowd which the place was hosting was around 1000 people and all seemed to be from different part of the world just gathered here for the best experience of their life. Along with Neon palm grove of glow-in-dark coconut trees, psychedelic art of luminous designs depicting mandalas, aliens to deities, and its vast open playground for Goa’s diverse party goers. Me and friends were stunned and we loved the entire concept of the party and the feeling is really difficult to be delineated in words. We stood in the corner for the first thirty minutes and all we did was observe everything. Our observation was supported with the Malana stuff which was playing with our THC receptors. After an hour‘s observation I was totally lost in the psychedelic lights, all I could feel was the bass vibrating in my body. I have to admit that the experience of my first rave party in Goa was far more better than what I actually imagined. There were many names on the line-up… and I had no idea who was playing and what he was playing but it was great fun. I remember that one of the names on the list was Dj Hell”. After enjoying the party for few hours we were really tired and headed back to our hotel. 

And in the mean while in the shanti cafe our coffee arrived and Noam concluded his trip

Please follow these things while traveling –

– Manage your waste well and don’t litter

– Use dustbins wherever necessary

– Avoid plastic bottles in hills. Usually you get clean water in hills and water bottles create a lot of mess in our ecosystem.

– Say a big NO to plastic and avoid those unhealthy snacks packed in plastic bags and rather buy fruits.

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