How to Reach Jalori Pass and things to do Around

jalori pass

Jalori Pass is connecting link between Kullu and Shimla district. In this article I am going to tell you guys how to reach Jalori pass and what are various activities to do in Banjar valley.

Jalori pass can be accessed by Kullu as well as Shimla district. If you start your journey from Kullu district you are going to witness places like Banjar>>>Ghiyagi>>>>Shoja>>>>Jalori pass and if you are following an alternate path that is from Shimla then your route is going to be Shimla<<<Luhri<<<Ani<<<< Jalori pass. The milestones along the road will help you to reach your destination. The roads are single lane but in good condition till Shoja. After that the roads are motarble but not in that good condition. Reaching Jalori pass is to be witness of the natures adorable creation which will become part of your eternal memories and will last forever.

Some important distance

jibhi best place in banjar valley

Kullu – Banjar = 53 km
Banjar – Jalori pass = 18km
Ani – Shimla = 108km
Delhi- Jalori pass= 508km
Chandigarh – Jalori pass = 280km
Shimla – Jalori pass= 151km
I hope this chart helps you in reaching Jalori pass
So If you guys still have any doubt regarding how to plan or anything else you can ask me on Instagram.

Best Time To Visit Jalori Pass

Jalori pass is the nearest mountain pass from Chandigarh. The drive to this pass is full with the bumpiest roads and uneven terrain. So if you are planning a trip to Jalori jot then try to bring 4*4 vehicle.

The best time to visit Jaloripass is during the month of June, September or October. The winters here are quite harsh and should always be neglected. During the months of December, January or February the place is covered with heavy snow making the life very harsh. The pass is closed during these months so you should never visit this place during this time.

Things to Remember

  • If you are a driver who usually drives in the plain region of Chandigarh, Delhi or any where else then try to hire a local guide cum driver. In this way you can explore the place in much better manner.
  • When you are driving to the Himalayas or to high passes may it be Baralachala, Khardungla, or Jalori pass always keep one thing in mind that your vehicles tank should be filled. Due to the less population and less transport facilities in the region their are very less petrol pump so you should always follow the rule to keep your tanks full
  • As Jalori pass is at high altitude i.e 10,000 ft above the sea level so if you have altitude sickness then you should try to avoid the route and should prefer the alternate route

Things To Do Around Jalori Pass

Jalori pass is one of the most beautiful pass in Himachal Pradesh. So if you are planning a trip to Banjar valley then these are few things which you should never miss on your trip.

Shringa Rishi Temple

shringa rishi temple banjar himachal pradesh

-Shringa Rishi is temple situated in a village called Baggi of Banjar valley. This temple is known for its flawless architectural work and is home to a chief deity of Banjar valley. This temple is at a distance of 4km inside, from main highway to Jalori Jot and holds a great religious importance to the localities. This temple is dedicated to the rishi Shringa who was son of Rishi Vibhandak, this temple is only accessible during the months of April to November and rest of the year it is inaccessible due to thick snow canopied over the valley. The road to Shringa Rishi is completely motarble or one can even stop the vehicle near the base and can trek for 15 minutes to reach this temple. So if you ask me I would suggest you to definitely visit this amazing place.

Serolsar Lake

serolsar lake in jalori pass

Serolsar lake is one of the most beautiful lake situated in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This lake is situated in the center of dense forest of jalori pass and is among the top places to visit in Banjar valley. I have visited this lake number of times and believe me guys its the best place to enjoy nature’s peace. In order to reach this magnificent lake one need to start trekking from the road itself near the temple. Before starting your trek keep yourself equipped with plenty of water and some snacks because you will not get any other shop on your way. The trek is about 1.5 hours from jalori pass to Serolsar lake. Camping can also be a great idea if you love camping but for that you need to carry all your equipment. The trek to the lake is full of beautiful and huge trees casting their shadow on the dry leaves adding to the contrast of the nature. So if you are planning a trip to jalori pass always keep this place on your mind and never ever skip it.

Chehni Kothi

chenhi kothi banjar

Just few minutes of trekking from Shringa Rishi temple you are going to reach this amazing place called Chehni Kothi. You must be thinking that what is so special about the place? Chehni Kothi host the towering temples of Kullu valley. These structures were initially made as a defensive structures but also acted as the storage facility for the grains etc. The tower are around 45 meter tall adding to the charm of the place. It is believed that these towers are the highest standing structures in the entire western Himalayas. So if you are planning a trip, never ever skip this place from your wish list.

Tirthan Valley

thirthan valley

Like most of the valleys in Himachal Pradesh, Tirthan is also named after the river which flows through it. One of the key tributary of Beas River, Tirthan River rises from the bitter-cold glacial lake of Hanskund peak (4800 meters) set in the interior of Great Himalayan National Park in the south-east of Kullu. River flows through a V-shaped valley and opens up fairly wide in its lower down as it approaches Beas. On Standard tourist maps, Tirthan valley stretches from Banjar to Bathad, dotted with number of villages (Sai Ropa, Nagini, Gushaini etc) on the river bank. The entire valley is verdant green with alpine grooves and deciduous forest. Situated 8 km before the entrance of Great Himalayan National park, Gushaini is the most preferred stay option. So if you are planning a trip to Banjar valley never skip Tirthan valley from your wish list.


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