12 Mind Blowing Photos Of Kasol Shot By Solo Traveler Dev Dutta

Kasol is one of the most amazing places in India. This mini Israel in Himachal pradesh has lot to discover so If you are planning a trip to Kasol, plan at least 7-8 days trip so that you won’t miss a place. Here in parvati valley you can explore places like Tosh, Manikaran, Pulga, challal, Katlga, Kalga, Barsheni, Kheerganga, Garhn. Recently Malana has got into news due to the announcement that all the guest houses in Malana will be closed but still Malana is among the best places to be explored in Parvati valley.

camping in kasol

And this is the place where I used to enjoy my early morning tea and some great conversations with my new friends.
It is incredible. Isn’t it?

village to challal

village house in kasol

Wooden houses in Kasol/ Parvati valley

solo traveler in kasol

Sometimes all you need to do is, just pack your backpack and escape.

“Met this saint at the streets of Manikaran and he was indeed an interesting person to talk. I was stunned when he asked me in English “Hey do you wanna take my picture? Take some great shots then”.

road to kasol

Highway to Mini Israel Kasol.

parvati river in kasol

And that’s the majestic view of Parvati river. The holy Parvati river flows through the entire valley of Parvati which gives it an incredible view.


Local people of Kasol



Kasol, this small village of Himachal Pradesh is a home of many Israilies and hippies because one can get the best of hash if you love smoke up. While wandering, plantation of Cannabis definitely attracted my attention at every corner of this valley. Trust me, these tiny leaves are just awesome. You know, what I mean.


Manikaran sahib.

kasol forest area

So I hope you liked the collection of Best and latest photographs from Kasol.

Photography by – Dev Dutta. “An Indian Solo traveler’s journey of experiencing d beautiful India.

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  1. Amazing pics, big fan of your travel diary. keep exploring across India and do your best.

    beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and you prooved it with your photography.

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