5 Most Beautiful Villages Around Kasol

pulga village parvati valley

Kasol is what they call is the stoners Paradise or smokers Paradise. It is the relaxing getaway for people coming here. The town hasn’t got monuments or other such sightseeing points but the natural beauty that the heart craves for, is in abundance. You need to walk in order to commute here. But if you wish to go to Malana or Manikaran, you need to hire a taxi or catch a bus. The area is a little remote which makes it an ideal place for relaxing. The place has many hotels, guest houses which one can get at affordable prices.

Trout fishing, Camping, trekking are some of the things you can do here. Although you might need to take special permission for the fishing experience. It is considered to be as the best place for angling. There are various interesting, easy as well as difficult treks around this place and Malana. Kheerganga is one of the main treks.

It is a beautiful as well as peaceful village located at a distance of 32kmfrom Bhuntar (nearest airport) in Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh. This village lies adjacent to gurgling Parvati river where you can sit along the river and enjoy the tranquillity and peace offered by nature. The specialty of the place lies in the trekking routes to various places like Malana, Chalaal, Kheerganga etc.

Kasol is abode for the trekkers, backpackers and for those who cannot control their adrenaline rush. The cafés in the area offer you world-class cuisines which will definitely make your mouth water.

So here is the list of most beautiful villages in Parvati valley which are around Kasol. So if you are planning a trip to Kasol these villages should always be on your wish list

Malana Village

most beautiful Malana village

Malana is beautiful and peaceful village situated in the adjacent of Parvati valley. This village has long been hidden in the laps of Himalayas beholding some untold stories and secrets. If you are person in your 20’s than this is the perfect destination for your next weekend and if you have already taken a trip than Ill urge you to explore the magic of this village once again.

Malana in recent years have become a kind of brand which attract tourist not only from India but also from abroad. The entrance of village is marked by the terraced plantation of hemp which is the main cash crop of the village. The beautiful labyrinth of wooden houses with stone slabs on the top marks a unique architectural style. This was all about the village but the main topic for which I have written this post is the Malana cream titled as the best hashish in the world.

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Tosh Village

easy way to reach tosh

Tosh is one of the most beautiful village after Kasol in Parvati valley. If you guys are planning a trip to Kasol then Tosh should always be on your wish list. In this article I will tell you how to tosh and things to do around.

Snow-capped peaks, lush green landscapes and the freezing temperature are some of the basic characteristics of village Tosh.

Tosh is small village in Parvati valley and is located at a distance of 21 Km from Kasol. This village has recently become a hub of bag packers who come flocking here in search of parties or cheap accommodation. Tosh is not that expensive as compare to Kasol. The guest houses and the hotels are available both at the entrance and far end of the village.The main occupation of the people in Parvati valley is the production of Hashish. May that place be Kasol, Malana, Tosh, Pulga or any other village. Apple orchards are also a big source of income for the local people. Wooden houses in the village are excellent example of architecture of Mountain people.

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Pulga village

pulga village parvati valley

Pulga is beautiful and peaceful village situated in Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh. This village is situated at a height of 9498 feet above the sea level adding to the charm of this place. In order to reach Pulga village one need to get a bus or rent a bike from Bhuntar, then one has to travel till Bharsheni from where the small walk or trekking will lead you into the village. One has to walk down the dam construction and after 30-40 minutes of walk one can reach this opulent  village in Parvati valley. The first sight of village is amazing you are going to witness a cluster of wooden houses designed in very unique way. The houses are made in such a way that they could store wood for entire year. Due to heavy snowfall in winters it becomes very difficult for the people to collect fodder and wood for keeping themselves warm hence they collect wood before the winters starts.

In the center of the village a temple dedicated to lord Naryana is made which is there local deity. The most common thing which I have noticed in Parvati valley is that in every village temple of one or the other deity is built in the center of the village which act as an assemblage point for the local villagers.

Rasol Village

rasol village parvati valley

Pic Credit – Sibi Paul

Kasol is a name which everyone knows now a days but have you ever heard of Rasol. This beautiful village lies few kilometers from Kasol and takes around 2-3 hours of trekking to reach this village. To reach this village one need to travel from Bhuntar to Kasol and then head toward the famous bridge which connects Challal to Kasol. After 20 minutes of trekking small village challal comes from where 2-3 hours of further trekking leads to Rasol. The trek is not difficult, it is simple and easy hence a person of any age group can accomplish this trek. My only suggestion to you would be that never visit parvati valley with your family members always visit this land of wanderlust with your buddies. On the way to Rasol you will spot number of sign boards leading your way by the sign Magic Rasol.

The food items are little costly in the village as compare to Kasol because the goods are carried manually without the use of any transportation method. The village have guest houses where one could stay and enjoy the calmness and peace offered by the nature. So if you are planning a trip to Kasol never ever skip this beautiful village from your wish list because it is among the top villages in parvati valley.

Kalga Village

kalga village parvati valley

© Rajvijay Yadav

If you are seeking for peaceful holidays with some luxury then this place is not for you but if you want peace along with activity packed getaway then this place is perfect destination for you guys. Kheerganga has recently become so famous that youth not only from our country but also across the globe is flocking in large number to enjoy the peace and hot water springs on the top of mountain. Kalga is perfect place to break your journey to Kheerganga, a day trek from village Kalga will take you to Kheerganga.

Please follow these things while traveling –

– Manage your waste well and don’t litter

– Use dustbins wherever necessary

– Avoid plastic bottles in hills. Usually you get clean water in hills and water bottles create a lot of mess in our ecosystem.

– Say a big NO to plastic and avoid those unhealthy snacks packed in plastic bags and rather buy fruits.

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So this was the list of most beautiful villages in Parvati valley and I hope you liked it.

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