7 Must Visit Cafes In Manali

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Old Manali is one of the best places in India to spend your summer vacations. I have been traveling in Himachal Pradesh for the past 5 years exploring different places, culture, food and many more things. I have written number of articles on Kasol from top cafes to, the Best time to visit for parties.

Recently in my mail box I received a mail where someone asked me to write something about cafes in Manali. I pursuied my 2 months industrial training from AD hydro power project in Prini Manali. During that tenure my lifestyle was very different I used to work all day and during evening I used to spend my time in one or the other cafes in Manali.

During that time I literally tried all the cafes in Manali. So here is the list of top cafes in Manali which you should never skip when you are in Manali.

Lazy Dogs

lazy dogs cafe manali

Lazy dogs is one of my favorite cafe in Manali and if you ask me why? I would say the location, food and the view is just amazing. The place is located in close proximity to the flowing river which makes the atmosphere more serene and adds to charm of the place. The cafe provides you everything from good food to chilled beer without burning a hole in your pocket. If talking about the location this cafe is basically in old Manali and 10 minutes walk would be more than enough to make your way to the place. The Lazy Dog cafe was started by Gopal Kaushik a restaurateur from Delhi. One can sit along the river and listen to the sound of gushing water along with the live performances. The famous bands like Rudra, Local train perform in the cafes during the peak season that is from May to July.

Born free

born free cafe manali

rudra band in manali

As I told you earlier that this list of top cafes in Manali is my personal favorite. Many of you would have never heard about this cafe in Manali but if you are budget traveler then believe me guys its the best place to enjoy your evening in Manali. I visited this cafe during the live performance of Rudra Band and believe me guys it was the best experience of my life. Sometimes money can’t buy you a joy which good places can and such is this place. The sitting capacity is not large enough but its sober to sit here, have some beer and enjoy the live performances.

Must Have: French fries, Honey fried potato


drifters cafe old manali

Drifters is one of those cafes in Manali which provide you the best breakfast. Egg benedict and eggs Florentine are something you should definitely try out.  Waffles and pancakes can also be the other great options for the breakfast. The flavored hookahs along with the fantastic sitting facility is something which may pound out you hear widely. So if you are ever planning a trip to Manali and looking for place to spend your evening in the best possible way then this is your place. Drifters cafe is situated on the Manu temple way in Old Manali.

Must Have: chilly honey potato, Chilly cheese

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Johnson cafe

johnson cafe manali best place

If your budget is big and your Dad is rich then you can definitely try out this Richie Rich cafe in Manali. This place is just on the way to Hadimba Devi temple and is one of the most expensive cafes in Manali. I have just visited this cafe once in my life and believe me guys the feeling was amazing. Johnson hotel and cafe is one the remarkable establishments in Manali since 1917. This unique place has a charm of natural beauty with comfortable stay. It is also said that a holiday in Manali is incomplete without tempting indulgence to multi cuisine food at Johnson’s cafe. The cafe has a lush green lawn where one could sit and have lunch, brunch or anything you like. Johnson cafe Manali is famous for serving more than 10 preparations of trout. This cafe was built by CR Johnson way back in 1980’s earlier this was the residing place for Johnson family but later he turned it into cafe and hotel. Now Piya johnson looks after the place. So if you ever visit Manali never forget to visit this costly though amazing place and never forget to try out the Trout fish.

Must Have: Trout fish, Rosemary chicken

Dylan’s Toasted and Roasted

Dylan's Toasted and Roasted cafe old manali

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Almost all the cafes are located in Old Manali so if you are looking for cool places to hangout then don’t worry and directly make your way to Old Manali. If you are just looking for a place where you can chill down, have some coffee over a great conversation with your friends then this place is perfect for you guys. This cafe was started in 2005 by three friends, earlier it was known as Double Vision but later changed its name to Dyan’s Toasted and Roasted. This place is famous for its breakfast and coffee, so if you are looking for anything mentioned above do make your way to this lovely cafe.

Must Have: Coffee, Breakfast


people cafe old manali

If you are person who start its day with trance and psychedelic music then this place is perfect for you guys. If talking about the location this cafe is located opposite to cafe Lazy dogs. This cafe holds the top foreigner crowd or in other words this place is perfect for foreign tourist. Here you can rush in for great breakfast along with some great Sheesha.

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Cafe 1947

cafe 1947 best cafe in manali

Located just at the starting of Old Manali this place is one of the most famous cafes in Manali. This place has both indoor as well as outdoor sitting facility adjacent to the flowing river which adds to the charm of this place. This is the only cafe in Old Manali which remains open throughout the year. This place do not host much foreigner crowd but emphasizes on Indian crowd making it and evergreen cafe in Manali. This place will definitely give you a feel of Italy by providing you the world class Pizza, Risottos, Bruschettas and paninis. The cafe is known to be the first music cafe in Manali which hosts musical performances on regular basis. Whatever you crave for, all kind of delicious food in varied menu is available at cafe 1947.

Must Have: Pizza, Pesto and cheese Bruschetta.

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