Pirdi – Heaven For River Rafting In Kullu

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Pirdi is a small village in Kullu – Manali highway and is often considered as heaven for river rafting in Kullu. Pirdi lies at a distance of 5km from Bhuntar (Airport) on the right bank of river Beas. Pirdi can also be referred as the oldest and the most amazing river rating point in Kullu due to its location.

River rafting in Himachal Pradesh has emerged as one of the major adventure sports which thrills and amaze you at same time. I remember my trip in 2012 when I got to enjoy this daring adventure sport and believe me guys since then I have done it thrice but the thrill which I felt during  the first time was same as the last time.

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My First River Rafting Experience

My first River rafting experience was really crazy. I used to study in high school at that time and had few amazing friends. I did’nt remember everything but I just remember few things which I will share with you. It was an ordinary noon when I got a call from my friend asking me to come out. He brought a scooter and took me to Pirdi. When we reached their I saw my another friend Yogesh who used to deal in river rafting in that area. I was able to guess that what my crazy friends were planning. They told me wear the safety jacket and their were total four guys 3 were my friends and one was the guide. As the raft started to move I was stunned by the view, water was gushing with great force making us wet and my adrenaline was rushing faster than my heart beat. As I told you my friends were crazy they took out two beers and started drinking it. The mood, weather and the rapids all were perfect. As we approached near Shamshi our guide told us to hold the ropes tired around the raft and jump into the water. First I totally refused but later I tried that and the feeling was so amazing that it cannot be delineated in words.

Various River Rafting Points In Kullu- Manali

River rafting in Kullu Manali is done at various stretches of Beas river. Some start it from Pirdi and some start it from Babeli which lies at a distance of 34km from Bhuntar towards Manali.


when a person drives from Delhi or Chandigarh towards Manali. The first spot where rafting start is called as Jhidi. This village lies at distance of 32km from Mandi town. After you stop your car here, you are taken in a campher toward Bhuntar from where 4km long stretch of river rafting is done. But the main thing which this stretch lacks is the Rapid of grade 3-4 and that is the personal reason I never tried rafting from This point


pirdi kullu

As the heading says heaven for river rafting in Kullu- Manali. Pirdi is one of my favorite spots for river rafting. I have done it thrice and all the three times I have done from this place.


Babeli is the last major point for river rafting in Kullu- Manali. But this place is never my personal favorite. The rapids are not enough and just seem more like boating then river rafting.

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Why choose Pirdi for river rafting?

There are basically two reasons for choosing Pirdi for river rafting.

The stretch which this place offer is longest in Kullu valley which is around 14 km. You may be told at Jhidi and Babeli that stretch would be same but they all are going to cheat you for sure. They will make you do around 4km stretch and will call it 14km stretch.

The main reason why Pirdi is my top preference for river rafting because after few minutes of rafting from Pirdi you will reach a place where river Beas converges with river Parvati and produce rapids of grade 3 and 4 which are enough to spark your adrenaline through your body.

Being the oldest center of river rafting in Kullu, Pirdi is the most trusted spot for me and when ever somebody gives me call I always recommend Pirdi.

Last five years have boosted the tourism exponentially with increase in death tolls in river rafting. So it becomes very important for a person to choose right spot and right guide for rafting.

Best Time for River rafting in Kullu (Pirdi)

best time for river rafting in manali

Best time for rafting in Kullu is around May to June this is because during this time ice start melting around the glaciers which further result in increase in the volume of water in Beas river. More water means more thrill and adventure and thus May to June is best time for adventure.

If you are planning a adventurous trip to Kullu- Manali then keep in mind one thing that rafting does not take place during the month of 15 July to 15 September, this is because due to the arrival of monsoons

Rates of river rafting in Kullu.

raterates of river rafting in kullus of river rafting in kullu

Prices vary for season to season but the general price is around 550 Rs per person and cheap price are guarantee.

How to reach Pirdi

Pirdi lies at a distance of 4km from Bhuntar (nearest airport) and is also called as Shakti-nagar.

Delhi – Chandigarh = 243 km

Chandigarh- Bhuntar = 260km

Bhuntar- Pirdi = 5km

Pirdi- Kullu = 7km

Kullu- Manali = 40km

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Important Things to Know before doing River rafting

safety jackets for river rafting

  • Always verify the license of your rafting guide or pilot.
  • Always verify whether your pilot is free from alcohol or drug consumption. I have noticed this thing many times where I have heard people that the pilot was drunk so this happened and all.
  • Always double check your safety jackets. If problem appear, do change it.
  • Always prefer Pirdi for river rafting in Kullu – Manali. There will be two agencies dealing in River rafting both are great. I have a number of one agency owners 8988265439 you can always give him a call for any guidance on river rafting or on advance booking.

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