Is Kasol Safe For Solo Traveling?

solo traveling in kasol

Kasol tourism has grown massively in past 5 years. The youth not only from India but also across the globe is fascinated about this mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh. Recently I have been writing articles in which I try to answer the doubts of people regarding the place. So today I decided to write about is Kasol a safe traveling destination for girl and boys traveling solo.

Peaceful Himachal

crime rate in Kasol

Himachal is one of the peaceful states in India with minimum crime rate. Crime rate recorded in Himachal Pradesh are all related to drugs, mafia, smuggling, Hashish Production etc. The number of Rape cases, robbery etc are least in this beautiful state and that is the reason its is called as the Heaven on Earth.

Himachal Pradesh has number of places to visit if we start our journey from Chandigarh or Delhi one can explore Solan, Shimla, Rampur, Kinnaur, Dharmshala, Manali, Kullu, Kasol, Malana etc. I stopped with etc because it was the best that I could do, such is the diversity of this magnificent state.

Is Kasol safe for solo traveling?


Kasol is what they call it smokers paradise or Mini Israel. The crowd here is full of vibes and psychedelic feel of nature. Traveling can be safe or unsafe depending upon number of conditions, If you say that Kasol is unsafe for solo traveling I would say it is totally incorrect. I have been traveling in the Himalayas especially in Parvati valley for the past 5-6 years and believe me guys your safety is always in your Hand and no place on this planet is hundred percent safe.

Is Kasol safe for solo female Travelers?

kasol girl traveler

I won’t give you any suggestion whether its safe or not. I will just highlight few points and leave that deciding factor to you guys.

Lonely Planet, which publishes popular tourist guides, has dubbed Parvati Valley, where at least six foreign tourists have gone missing, the “valley of death”. I have written a detail post in which I have discussed the detail reports from various newspapers about the death of various people in the Valley.

You can read that Post here: Parvati valley or the Lost Valley

Kasol has been a hub-spot for today’s youth which come in large number to enjoy the serene and psychedelic life of Parvati valley.

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Important Things to Know for female solo travelerkasol safe for solo traveling

  • Mode of Transportation should always be verified when it comes to traveling in Himachal Pradesh. The most common mode is traveling by Volvo buses which drop you in bhuntar around 6-7 o clock in the morning.
  • If you are traveling solo then Volvo buses are the best mode of transportation but if you are hiring a taxi always remember to book it from verified source.
  • Bhuntar is small town in Himachal pradesh and is around 243km from Chandigarh. This place is special because all buses to Kasol start their journey from Bhuntar. So if you are traveling solo then just take a bus and head your journey to Kasol which is located 30km away.
  • Here Bike renting can also be a great option for couples or solo travelers.
  • Avoid talking to the localities. Keep your wallet in your front pocket where you can feel them.
  • Keep your camera and luggage in front of your eyes.
  • When you reach Kasol just try to find a accommodation with nice atmosphere. Cheap places may leave you in trouble sometimes.
  • Always double verify your itenary with your travel agent.
  • Never get involve with locals in abusive conversation.
  • Girls should carry pepper spray for sure and that is not just for Kasol but is necessary for any destination across India.
  • Try to stay away from illegal things in the valley because getting involved into illegal things is the main reason for number of crime cases in the valley.
  • Always hire taxi from verified sources and never trust any person blindly.
  • Kasol is losing Its charm with time and the adjacent places like Tosh, Chalal and Malana are getting much attention. Trek to chalal may not take much time but if you are a solo traveler then prefer doing these trek with some other groups. Try interacting with some small group do trekking always with some other groups around you.
  • Tosh can be reached from Manikaran- Varshani- Tosh- Kheerganga. The same rule apply for this place.
  • The most important thing which I want to highlight for solo travelers especially girls is that always try to travel in broad day sunlight. After the sunset try avoiding much of traveling and stay in your hotels or wherever you are staying.
  • Always Update someone close to you with your current location telling him or her from where and to which place you are heading. Also tell about the taxi number if your mode of traveling is Taxi and all.

I hope these points would help you deciding that whether Kasol is safe for solo female traveling or not.

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