How to hire or rent a tent in Bhuntar/Kullu

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Himachal Pradesh is one the most beautiful places in India and if you are planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh especially to Kasol or Parvati valley then this trick is going to help you a lot because its about renting a tent in Bhuntar for Kasol

Basically now a days I am just writing post on the most frequently asked questions to me. Last question which I got in my mail was how to hire or rent a tent in Bhuntar or Kullu, So I thought of writing a post.

I remember my last trip to Kasol from Delhi. After 12 hours of journey when I finally reached Bhuntar I was really tired so I planned to stay in Bhuntar for one day. This time one thing was my major concern and that was my budget for the trip.

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How to hire or rent a tent in Bhuntar

Same day after having some rest I got an interesting Idea. I just calculated that a stay in a hotel would cost me around 1500-2000 and if I stayed for 3 days then my entire budget would be around 10000 including  food and all,which was a not a good Idea.

So I started my research in Bhuntar and started looking for a person who could give a Quechua tent for 3-4 days charging me some amount. The research failed and then I remember my old friend Rahul Thakur who use to provide bikes for rental in Bhuntar.

Being my last hope I gave him a call and asked him that whether it was possible for him and my card played well he arrived near bus- stand in less than 15 minutes bringing me the 3+1 camp and he charged me around 300 Rs per day. As we were 3 people so the total cost of hiring was less than 100 Rs per day. Just imagine yourself staying in Kasol or Parvati valley for less than 300 rs for 3-4 days. Isn’t it a great Idea guys.

Rahul Thakur: 8988265439 (Bike and Tent Rental In Bhuntar)

tents for hire in bhuntar or kasol

Important Things to Know Before Hiring a Tent

Before you hire a camp do check the condition of tent properly but being a trusted source this guy is never going to cheat you

You need to pay some security to the person who is giving you tent which will be completely refundable.

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Where to Pitch a camp in Kasol or Parvati valley

  • It is not safe to pitch a camp or tent wherever you like
  • First seek permission from the hotel owners and after their consent you can pitch a tent
  • The best Idea of pitching a camp is in the lawn of Forest or PWD guest house.
  • In the villages like Tosh, Challal or Malana you can pitch camps in outdoor but do seek permissions from the village Pradhan
  • The main concern of pitching the tent is waste disposal. Please keep in mind that do clean the place thoroughly after removing the tent or camp from that area.

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