Best Time To Visit Kasol For Party Lovers

best time to visit kasol

It’s been one year since I am writing about this mini Israel in Himachal Pradesh. I have been visiting this place regularly for the past 5 years and I always try to answer every query of my readers regarding the place, if still you have any query you can leave that in comment section. Recently number of people has been asking me about the best time to visit Kasol for rave party lovers.

Kasol is place which can be visited anytime during the year. Roads are accessible throughout the year from Bhuntar – Manikaran. If snowfall occur in winters then also roads are never closed for more the 3-4 hours.

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Best time to visit Kasol

full moon party kasol

The best time to visit Kasol is different for different people. If someone wants to witness the beautiful Parvati valley completely covered with snow then the perfect time is around December to February

If you live in Gujarat, Rajasthan or any other western or central part of India and want to get rid of scorching summers then May- June- July is perfect time for the visit

And if you are the party animal just like me then the best time to visit Kasol is definitely around April – May – June. I have attended number of House parties in Kasol and believe me guys the schedule of the parties is restricted to the month of May and June.

best time to visit during may

Important Distance

Delhi – Chandigarh = (243.5 km)

Chandigarh- Bilaspur = (118 km)

Bilaspur- Sundernagar = (45km)

Sundernagar – Mandi = (25km)

Mandi- Bhuntar = (55km)

Bhuntar- Jari = (23km)

Jari – Kasol =( 9km)

Kasol- Manikaran =(4km)

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bike rental in Kasol

Things to Remember

You should manage your waste properly in such places I have seen a drastic change in the panorama of the place near the bridge there is so much litter.

Avoid the plastic water bottles and be polite to the local people. Give respect and they will respect you

Plastic bags should be avoided or if you are too addicted to the packaged food you should dispose these properly into the dustbin.(Swachh Bharat)


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