Rave party Kasol – Best Thing To Do In Kasol

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Rave party in Kasol is among the best things I have attended in my life. The electronic music in the midst of dense forest where no one gives you any moral lecture about life.

And the best company for such parties is always you and your soul. I have got lot of queries where people ask me about the whole concept of rave parties in Kasol. In this article I will brief you about where and how you can be the part of rave parties in Kasol.

rave party kasol

What is a Rave party?

I really get confused sometimes when people ask me “what is this Rave party”? I think how come a person doesn’t know about such an awesome thing. Basically it is an electronic music dance party that may last all day or all night depending upon the permissions. It features the foreign DJ’s and the live music performers. Laser lights, strobe lights, colorful location are some of the basic necessity for rave parties.

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In recent years law enforcement agencies have increased strictness toward such rave parties due to the extensive use of drugs including Ecstasy. The history of the word “Rave” goes back to Jamaican period where the meaning of word was party.

Rave parties can be legal or illegal depending upon the permission extent and other factors may include like the usage of drugs, hashish, ganja etc. So always be double sure about the legality of the party you are attending or will attend in future.

Rave Parties In Kasol

Kasol is what they call is the stoners Paradise or smokers Paradise. It is the relaxing getaway for people coming here. The town hasn’t got monuments or other such sightseeing points but the natural beauty that the heart craves for, is in abundance. You need to walk in order to commute here.

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Kasol is also known to be as the mini Israel of Himachal Pradesh because of the many Israeli inhabitants one can see there. The sign boards of many cafes and restaurants are in Hebrew. The food that you get here is to die for. You have options from Israeli, Italian, Indian cuisines. One should not leave the place before trying the famous food and desserts.

famous israeli food in kasol

Also, one can also try the famous rice beer. Now coming back to the topic of parties so I am going to answer every question from best time to what is the best place to book your tickets.

Rave Party Scene

kasol party scene

kasol rave party scene

latest rave party

rave party chalal

kasol party 2017

night life kasol

kasol trance party


Best Time to visit Kasol for the Rave Parties

I personally believe that month of May-June is the best time for visiting Kasol if your primary target is to be the part of rave party. And otherwise if you want to just enjoy the place then April – October could be great. I was in 2nd year of my graduation when I got my first chance to attend the party. You know it was among the best experiences of my life and you can read about it here Why my first party experience was mind blowing.

I have uploaded image showing number of parties to occur in the month of May.

dates of rave parties in kasol

Rave parties venue

Rave parties locations are top secret sometimes and are revealed at the last moment. So if you want to be the part of rave party in Kasol you need to book your slot little early.

party scene kasol


It is small village in Parvati valley which lies on the other-side of the bridge shown below. This place is amongst the top venues for the Rave parties in Kasol. So if you are in Kasol and wanted to be part of rave party then head on toward this village it might give you an accidental chance of being the part of party.

rave party scene 3

night life kasol2

full moon party kasol

How to reach for Rave party

The only and the best way to reach Kasol to attend party is by Road. The nearest airport is Kullu Manali airport, Bhuntar is about 32kms from Kasol. But from there on, you have to catch hold of a bus or hire a taxi to reach Kasol. The bus ticket will cost you Rs60-90 while a cab driver may charge up to Rs 700or more to drop you till Kasol.

Still looking for some other method to reach Kasol then you can rent Bikes from Bhuntar to Kasol. 8988265439 this is a number of a friend of mine who runs a travel agency of bike rental in Bhuntar feel free to contact him for any bookings. Because I myself believe that the best way to explore Parvati valley is by the bike rides.

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  1. How to be the part of this party? What is entry amount? Is there any compulsion of pre booking or one can get entry tickets on the spot?

      1. Any idea about shangari la fest? Also confused about genre of this fest. I have heard that its a cultural fest and they strictly prohibited use of intoxication in any form. Even liquor is not allowed there. Is that true?

  2. Sir I am reaching jasol tomorrow…I.e 27th may
    Whom to contact for party passes for jaise festival 27-28 may

  3. Is travelling to Kasol in July recommended? I am planning for a weekend trip to Kasol in mid of July. Is it recommended to travel there in July.

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