Parvati Valley Or The Lost Valley – Unsolved Mystery

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The picturesque Parvati valley in the Himalayas, attracts thousands of backpackers from abroad. But some never return home — they simply vanish without a trace. The cases of missing tourists have been shrouded in mystery because most of them are unresolved. They visit to cherish the amazing time of their life but get lost in the deep valleys of Kullu and Parvati valley.

Reported cases

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1.”The beautiful but mysterious Parvati valley of Kullu claimed another life of a tourist on Saturday. The Gujarati tourist was trekking on the Kasol -Grahan route along with his family members and other friends when he slipped and fell into a deep gorge” report from Time of India

 2.The serial disappearances are giving the tourist hotspots of Dharamshala, Kullu, Parvati valley and Manali a bad name.

Lonely Planet, which publishes popular tourist guides, has dubbed Parvati Valley, where at least six foreign tourists have gone missing, the “valley of death”.

Security agencies fear that most of these tourists were robbed and killed. While one foreigner was beaten to death at Hampta pass four years ago, another was stoned to death in Tunda Bhoj. – Report from India Today

3.SP (Kullu) Padam Chand said efforts were on to trace Justin. “Two persons, including the baba and his Nepali porter Anil, have been detained for questioning. I have written to the government to requisition a helicopter for search operation as the terrain is tough.” In the past 10 years, as many as 20 foreigners have gone missing and are still untraced. In her FIR, Reeb has said she suspects that the baba and his men may have kidnapped Justin- Report from Indian express

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These are just few reports about the people getting disappeared in Parvati valley. If you search on google the list is very long. Every thing in this world has two aspects out of which one is positive and the other one is ofcourse negetive.

Postive aspect is the beauty, peace and charm which Parvati valley offers and the negetive is definetly the disappearance of people.

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What are reasons for disappearance in Parvati valley

Rough Terrain and weather conditions

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Over a dozen tourists, mostly trekkers and climbers, have lost their lives in Parvati valley in last one decade. Among the deceased large number of victims are foreigners.

Most of the reported deaths were due to negligence by tourists who did not hire professional guides. In most cases, trekkers got deviated from the trekking trails in Parvati valley, went astray and fell into gorges while trying to get to the right the basic necessity for trekking in such terrain should always to have an expert guide.

“Professional and trustworthy opinion is necessary before challenging the mountains. They are vast and puzzling, most of tourists become over smart and do not listen to the local people and prefer to go for trekking alone. “All the mountain trails split into many small trails and confuse even professional trekkers. Victims either go astray or slip to deep gorges,”

Robbed and Killed

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The second possibility is that the missing were robbed and killed by local people and their bodies are buried in forests or thrown in streams. Lonely hikers carrying expensive watches, cameras and other accessories become easy prey to unemployed youth.

In July 2000, two Austrian trekkers were attacked as they camped near Manikaran. One was shot dead, the other escaped. In December 2001 a skeleton was found near Malana and identified as a missing Israeli pilot Nadav Mintzer.

Loved The Parvati Valley

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Many of the foreign tourists, when they came here, they have also stayed back. Some of them married here. They are also engaged in various social activities and social causes. But this can’t also be denied that some of them have been engaging themselves in drug trade because some of them have been nabbed with narcotics.

Parvati valley crime

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Parvati valley, famous for world class Malana cream, has become a haunted place where trekkers, mostly from abroad, are falling to death one after another. Reasons are unknown, but in most cases, bodies are found in places far away from the trekking trail.

Experts say negligence and consumption of drugs were putting these trekkers in trouble in Parvati valley. In many cases, it was noticed that the trekker was alone and trying to climb a mountain face with no path.

There are reports that the Israeli, Russian and Italian mafia exist in Manali, Parvati and Dharamsala and run drug business through various means, even as the police deny their existence.

The consignments of charas, opium and other drugs from North India, including Manali and parvati reach Goa from where it is smuggled to other countries, Report by Daily Mail

The connection between Manali, Parvati valley and Goa has come to light a number of times. Records of Israeli, Russian, Italian, Japanese and Nigerian tourists show that many of them first reach Goa and then plan their trip to Delhi, Manali and Dharamsala. Besides Goa, narcotics are also traded in Paharganj and other areas of New Delhi.

The well-oiled networks of Israelis, Russians and Nigerians have their roots in Manali and parvati valley. While Dharamsala is considered as a safe zone for money exchanges, Manali valley has become a charas trade centre. Report by Daily Mail

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How To Be Safe In Parvati Valley Or Death Valley

1.Always travel with the expert guide if you are looking for trek beyond Kasol or Tosh.

2.Never get involved in the illegal activities like drugs smugling or hasish buying in Parvati valley etc

3.Try to explore these places in bright sunlight, night traveling should always be avoided in the Parvati valley

 4.The Parvati Valley has a vibrant weather. The Green Valley has an unpredictable weather pattern which brings a lot of spell of rain. Some of them are intense. The rains have immediate implications. The rivers and its tributaries swell up. On many occasions, they wash away makeshift bridges on the route. The weather is intense at the higher altitude. It may cause a spell of heavy snow and blizzard making pass crossing difficult. so always check weather prediction before traveling.
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