15 Interesting Facts About Shimla That Nobody Knows

Maria Brothers shimla book store antique

Shimla capital of Himachal Pradesh is called “Queen of hills “because of its scenic beauty and beautiful surroundings .It is also most populated city of Himachal Pradesh .The tranquil beauty of Shimla attracts lots of Tourists from all around the globe. The lush green hills and snow capped peaks brings unforgettable experience to people who visit Shimla .Lets explore some interesting and unknown facts about Shimla which no body knows

1. Shimla is located on seven hills.

shimla to host MTB sport

This beautiful hill station is built on seven different hills namely Inverarm hill, Bantony hill , Elysium hill, Observatory hills, prospect hill, summer hill and Jakhu hill.The highest point in Shimla is the Jakhu hill.

Prospect hill

Prospect hill is in western Shimlas and has the Kamna Devi temple on top of it.

Summer hill

The beautiful Summer hill has Himachal Pradesh university campus .It is about 2100 metres  above sea level.

Observatory hill 

Coming towards The Ridge from Summer Hill, the next hill in line is the Observatory hill.

Inverarm Hill

If you are interested in Museums ,Inverarm hill is ideal place to visit .It has Himachal state Museum .It is calm and quite place.

Bantony hill

Bantony is in central Shimla right before Scandal point.

Jakhu hill

Jakhu hill is Shimla’s highest peak. It offers beautiful views of nature. It also has famous ‘Jakhu Temple ”Jakhu temple is an ancient Temple in Shimla dedicated to Hindu God Hanuman. Here every year a big festival is held on Dussehra .You can go to this temple by foot from Ridge or hire a horse .Taxis are also available here .There is a giant statue 108 feet high of Hanuman at Jakhu temple overlooking the entire city. Believers say that Jakhu temple holds the footprints of Lord Hanuman.

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2 .MTB Himalayas ,the biggest Biking race in south east Asia was hosted by Shimla.

bike race shimla

The MTB Himalayas ,an annual biking race is held in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It started in 2005, the race covers nearly 500 km in span of 8 days and is one of the toughest MTB stage races in the world .The race is sponsored by Hero cycles India .The race begins from Shimla and end at Shimla. It passes through Shimla ,Kullu and Mandi districts and is one of the most important facts regarding Shimla

3 . The only natural Ice Skating Rink of India.

Ice Skating Rink Shimla - Near Tibetian Market

Shimla also offers fun and adventure along with scenic beauty .If you want to add more fun and adventure to your trip to Shimla, you can try your hand at Ice Skating. Shimla has the largest Ice Skating Rink in India .It attracts many  tourists and locals who enjoys Ice Skating

4. World Heritage site ,Kalka Shimla Railway

World Heritage site ,Kalka Shimla Railway

The Kalka Shimla Railway line is recognized as world Heritage site by UNESCO. The rail line was built to connect  Shimla  during British Raj with the Indian Railway system. “The Guinness book of Railway facts and feats “ records Kalka Shimla Railway as the greatest narrow gauge Engineering in India.

5. Goddess Shymala Devi

shymli devi shimla

Shimla’s name is derived from the Goddess Shyamala Devi, an incarnation of Hindu Goddess Kali.

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6. Mysterious Scandal Point

scandal point shimla

Every place of India has its own interesting story. Shimla is no exception.The famous Scandal point in Shimla is where the Ridge road meets the Mall road.There is an interesting story about how it got the name, Reportedly the Maharaja of Patiala fell in love with the daughter of the then Viceroy of India and without wasting much time he eloped with her from this very point. As a consequence of this the British Government banned him from entering Shimla. The Maharaja responded by building himself a new summer capital in nearby Chail and thus thumbed his nose at the British not once but twice.

7. Fear of Earth quakes .

shimla most prone to earthquakes

Shimla is Earth quake prone Hill station. It falls in Seismic Zone IV .It cannot withstand high intensity Earth quake. A survey conducted by United Nations Development programme revealed the most buildings in the city, constructed in recent years were structurally unsafe and posed threat to local population.

8.Antique booksellers Maria Brothers.

Maria Brothers shimla book store antique

Maria Brothers is a Antique bookstore on Mall road which has unique collection of treasure of old books. Some of the books in the collection include “Arya Ashta Sahasrikas Prajna Paramita”of 16-17th century compilation in Tibetan script.It is actually written in gold and silver ink. John Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise regained,10 volumes of KathaSaritsagara and many more precious books.

9. Youngest city

youngest crowd in shimla city

This city is one of the youngest city (population wise) in the country. 55% of the population is in the 16- 55 age group. And 28% of the rest is below the age of 15 .

10.Chudail Boudi 

chudail baudi shimla most haunted

The ‘chudail baudi’ is situated between the part of the Shimla highway from Navbahar to Chota Shimla . It is the place where the speed of your vehicle will automatically slow down, no matter how fast you were driving or how hard you press the accelerator of your car.

Many people have seen a lady with long black hair covering her face and wearing a white Saree. She asks for a lift from people traveling especially at night. And even if you don’t stop for offering lift she seems to be sitting in the back seat of your vehicle for some time. Some people even meet with an accident due to this distraction.

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11.Shimla is birth place of many famous people

place is birth place of many famous actor and actress like Anupam kher ,Yami Gupta ,Prem chopra, Kangna Ranaut, Preity Zinta .It is also birth place of Ruskin Bond famous writer.

12. Shimla – Bolywood’s favorite Destination

bollywood loves shimla

Shimla has been choice for many movie makers in Bollywood. Its stunning locations and pleasant weather make perfect background for romantic songs .The lush green countryside and snow clad mountains has been attracting filmmakers since the black and white eras and continue to do so till now. Many amazing Bollywood songs has been shot here

Behti Hawa sa  tha wo – 3 Idiots

Aaoge jab tum sajna   – Jab we met

Mere dil me aaj kya hai – Daag

Tera mujhse hai pehle ka naata

Koi – Aa gale lag jaa.

Phool kali chand – Kranti.

13.Shimla has oldest boarding school of Asia called BCS

bishop cotton school shimla himachal pradesh

BCS ( Bishop cotton School ) is the oldest boarding shool, Its been founded on 28th July 1859 by Bishop George Edward Lynch Cotton.The school has produced many army officers, ambassadors, judges, ministers and politicians.

14. Nathuram Godse trial in Peterhoff

Nathuram Godse’s trial took place in Peterhoff in 1948-49.

The Peterhoff was a building in which has housed at least Seven Viceroys and governor general during the British Raj.. It has been built in typical Tudor style – all wooden frames. After India ‘s Independence from British Empire, the building served as Punjab High Court. It was at Peterhoff where the trial of Nathuram Godse  who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi took place in 1948-49. In 1971, when Himachal Pradesh became a full-fledged state, Peterhoff served as the Raj Bhavan (the Governor’s residence). The building was destroyed in a fire on the night of 12 January 1981 .Subsequently, the Raj Bhavan was shifted to the Barnes’ Court building. The Peterhoff was rebuilt to a new design as a luxury hotel in 1991. It has 34 suites and is among the most interesting fact about Shimla

15.Auckland House School is the only Girl’s school in India to introduce Scuba Diving. 

Auckland House School is the only Girl’s school in India to introduce Scuba Diving.

Auckland House School is a school near Auckland Tunnel in Shimla which also teaches Scuba Diving to its students which is very rare in India.

I hope you liked the list of 15 interesting facts about Shimla that nobody knows


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  1. Two things i want to point out:
    1. The Birth place of Ruskin Bond is Kasauli not Shimla
    2. The oldest boarding school is Lawrence School Sanawar, founded in 1847

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