Top 10 Trek’s For The First Time In Himachal Pradesh

top 10 easy trek to do in himachal pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is located in the north of India. The area is absolutely beautiful and nestled into the Himalayas. Many people that want to do some hiking or trekking internationally head to this area because of how beautiful many of the trek are. There are harder treks and easier ones with a range of time that each take. We’ve gotten easier hikes for you to try if you’re heading out to Himachal Pradesh for the first time. Make sure to bring some sort of hiking GPS with you; you don’t want to get lost out there. Jalsu Pass Trek We’re… Read moreTop 10 Trek’s For The First Time In Himachal Pradesh

8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol

top cafes in kasol

Kasol is what people call smokers paradise or the mini Israel in the Himalayas. This beautiful destinations lies on the way between Bhuntar to  Manikaran. . Kasol is for those who patiently observe the world from the fringes. It is for those who want to break free from Careers, Cars and Congregation. Kasol is perfect getaway for those people who want to get rid of the complicated problems and want to chill somewhere in the Himalayas. This place is known specially for its late night parties and world class music festivals. But when you land up in Kasol one thing… Read more8 Must Visit Cafes/Restaurants In Kasol

7 Hidden Party Destinations In India For Party Lovers

hot girls in rave party kasol

At some point of life every individual wants to take break from his or her hectic life and travel somewhere to party all night. Thanks to the Hippie culture in India, Hippie movement started in 1960 and presented themselves with the different kind of clothes and Music. Some of the major concerns like saving the environment all started with hippies. The Rave parties for which we die today are all part of hippie civilization. Rave parties in Goa and now we can see the exposure of rave parties even in some parts of Himachal Pradesh. So if you guys are… Read more7 Hidden Party Destinations In India For Party Lovers

Malana cream – The best Hashish in the world

welcome to malana

Malana in recent years have become a kind of brand which attract tourist not only from India but also from abroad. The entrance of village is marked by the terraced plantation of hemp which is the main cash crop of the village. The beautiful labyrinth of wooden houses with stone slabs on the top marks a unique architectural style. This was all about the village but the main topic for which I have written this post is the Malana cream titled as the best hashish in the world. Malana Cream “The best hashish in the world” and the proof is… Read moreMalana cream – The best Hashish in the world

15 Interesting Facts About Shimla That Nobody Knows

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Shimla capital of Himachal Pradesh is called “Queen of hills “because of its scenic beauty and beautiful surroundings .It is also most populated city of Himachal Pradesh .The tranquil beauty of Shimla attracts lots of Tourists from all around the globe. The lush green hills and snow capped peaks brings unforgettable experience to people who visit Shimla .Lets explore some interesting and unknown facts about Shimla which no body knows 1. Shimla is located on seven hills. This beautiful hill station is built on seven different hills namely Inverarm hill, Bantony hill , Elysium hill, Observatory hills, prospect hill, summer… Read more15 Interesting Facts About Shimla That Nobody Knows

Why you should not visit Shimla?

why you should visit shimla

Why you should not visit Shimla? confused! Then find out yourselves, why you should never ever visit Shilma. When you’ve lived in shambolic world, trust me, you beginning to long for serene beauty and clear air and open spaces. Shimla is just lower the usual range of altitude sickness, but this doesn’t mean that meek effects won’t be experienced. On account of  its northern latitude, Shimla receives pleasures(as if Aphrodite is touched by her lover) of cold snowy winters and this attracts many people yearning to escape the brutal heat of other Indian cities, beat the heat. Shimla the ‘summer… Read moreWhy you should not visit Shimla?

How to rent/hire a bike or motorcycle in Kasol

bike rentals bhuntar

For me Bike trips are the best way to explore any destination. No worry about the bus timing etc. Just start your bike and travel wherever you want to. I remembered my last trip to Kasol where I started my journey from Chandigarh. It was 12 in the noon and I was looking for the bus which would take me to my ultimate destination Kasol. After 9 hours of hectic journey I reached the place called Bhuntar. It was 9 in the evening and I had no guts to travel further to Kasol all I needed was a bed and… Read moreHow to rent/hire a bike or motorcycle in Kasol

Parvati Valley Or The Lost Valley – Unsolved Mystery

parvati valley or the lost valley3

The picturesque Parvati valley in the Himalayas, attracts thousands of backpackers from abroad. But some never return home — they simply vanish without a trace. The cases of missing tourists have been shrouded in mystery because most of them are unresolved. They visit to cherish the amazing time of their life but get lost in the deep valleys of Kullu and Parvati valley. Reported cases 1.”The beautiful but mysterious Parvati valley of Kullu claimed another life of a tourist on Saturday. The Gujarati tourist was trekking on the Kasol -Grahan route along with his family members and other friends when… Read moreParvati Valley Or The Lost Valley – Unsolved Mystery

Unique Culture Of Himachal Pradesh, Costumes, Festivals, Temples

costumes of himachal pradesh

The people of Himachal pradesh are simple, sophisticated ,warm, friendly and hospitable. However they are very firm when it comes to their traditions.They are quite unaffected by external norms and fashion, therefore one can find an untouched beauty in their lifestyle.They are proud of their rich cultural heritage at the same time being friendly to outsiders and visitors.Their passion for life reflects in their amazing colorful dressing and splendid festivals. People and culture Around 90% of Population of Himachalis consists of Hindus. But in some areas there is majority of Buddhist population because of the nearness of the state of… Read moreUnique Culture Of Himachal Pradesh, Costumes, Festivals, Temples

10 Main Places To Visit In Kullu

naggar village kullu main place to visit in kullu

The Himalayan district of Kullu has so many places to explore within. Paradises that are calling you to have an experience of being in heaven. So, here is a list of top 10 main places to visit in Kullu 1.Manali town The modern manali town is a major touristic heavenly view of snow packed mountains, on.emerging from the e mall road or no vehicle road is surrounded by hundreds of shops of local handicrafts, traditional eateries,  fast food corners and everything you wanted to shop and take home. The traditional kullvi dance in the mall road is eye catching; you can enjoy it… Read more10 Main Places To Visit In Kullu