Photo Trek To Bijli Mahadev Kullu

lord shiva temple bijlimahadev

Bijli Mahadev is ancient temple of Lord Shiva and  it is “Kash” style temple  that has “Shiva –Lingam”. This temple is situated on the top of the mountain at an altitude of about 2,460m. This temple is situated in such a beautiful place that one can enjoy the view of lush green meadows all around. Bijli Mahadev location is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Kullu valley in just one day. From the top one can witness the most beautiful and opulent scenic view which cannot be delineated in words so I decided to share this Photo trek to Bijli Mahadev.

Himalayan “ a board of snow” is the last frontier, the king of all mountains . Species have gone extinct and civilizations have been destroyed these mountains have number of stories to tell and number of places to reveal and one such place is Bijli Mahdev.

Best Time to Visit Bijli Mahadev

I have visited Bijli Mahadev many time before especially during the month of Savnn. The crowd during the month  of savnn  is just phenomenal. But this visit of mine was during the month of March which made it little offbeat. The place was isolated but the charm and peace was amazing. All you could see around was the huge mountain ranges covered with snow

About our Trek

We started our journey from Kalehli which is small village in Kullu valley and is also my native village. Basically there are two ways in which we can access Bijli Mahadev. One is from Kullu >> Naggar which is a motarbale road till the top. But I would suggest you to not take this way because its completely muddy, slippery and is made especially for offroad vehicle. And the second reason why you should not take this road because this may affect our ecosystem. The more cars mean more pollution.

Second option is to reach Kullu and then head toward the Gammon bridge from where you can drive till the village named Chansari. Here you can park your vehicle can trek to Bijlimahadev.  The trek lies under the easy category can achieved by the person of any age group. The trek is around 3km to the top of bijlimahadev which will not even take more than Hour. Believe me guys this trek is worth taking because the view which you will witness will blow your mind.

History of Bijli Mahadev

To visit a particular place without knowing the history is just like body without soul. This temple basically lies on the top of a mountain which lies in close proximity to the place where river beas and river parvati meets. The people of Kullu valley believe that this mountain was once a huge snake who was killed by Lord Shiva. It is said that after every 12 years the lightening from the sky strike the Shiva linga. Due to the lightening this linga gets broken into pieces and the priest then assemble the pieces which are further joined with the help of Butter.

Photo Trek to Bijli Mahadev

way to bijli mahadev

Trek to Bijli Mahadev is one of the best trek to achieve in Kullu. It is easy, simple and can be achieved by the person of any age group. The trek passes through lush green forest of Deodar, Chile which further adds to the beauty of the place.

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trekking to bijli mahadev

Trekking in Jeans is never a great Idea but still me and my friends managed as we had further plans to visit Manali and Gulaba.

horse in bijli mahadev

Spotted some wild horse near Bijli Mahadev. As the place has long remained secluded from the road. Hence horses were the main source of transportation of goods to Bijli Mahadev.

view point bijli mahadev

The view from the view point is just beyond imagination. The snow capped mountains and crystal clear blue sky is something for which people visit this amazing place. With every single breath you can feel the serenity and peace which this place offers and makes your trek successful.

View of bijli mahadev from top

View from the top of Bijli Mahadev. These yellow tents are the small stalls where one can have snacks, tea, coffee, maggi so don’t worry about the breakfast.

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jai bijli mahadev

trek to bijli mahadev

These are the steps which will lead you to the temple of Bijli Mahadev.

snow covered mountains

Scenic view from the view point

prayer flags around the temple

Prayer flags. One friend of mine told me that in Buddism it is believed the their are few Mantras written on the flag which get recited by the air. It means more the height and air around the flags luckier will be the person who tie them.

View of Kullu valley from Bijli Mahadev

View of Kullu valley from the top Bijli Mahadev. One could spot Bhuntar airport and can see parvati river meeting with the beas river.

lord shiva temple bijli mahadev

Bijli Mahadev temple.

information board on bijli mahadev

holy tree bijlimahadev

bijlimahadev temple

bhuntar airport view from bijli mahadev

Bhuntar airport spotted from the top of Bijli Mahadev Pic captured from samsung J7

best shot bijlimahadev

beautiful view from the top of bijlimahadev

This time I tried to present the entire story of my travel in pictography form . I hope you liked it…..

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