Chadar Trek Blog– The Trek That Took My Breath Away By Himani Chandorkar

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PLANNING”……What a big percentage of our day gets invested in planning for the future………with little thought given to what an unpredictable, dynamic world we live in….Nothing can make you experience this dynamism of life UP CLOSE  the way nature can……and that’s the key experience you take back after having walked the Mighty Chadar Trek…….. The enormity of mountains make you feel so tiny and humbled…..and the sheer power of nature to make all your plans go for a toss can leave you feeling nothing short of baffled and bewildered. Chadar trek  –  “Life in a capsule”…….. well…so is the nature… Read moreChadar Trek Blog– The Trek That Took My Breath Away By Himani Chandorkar

Pavagadh – A humble mountain hiding breathtaking experiences


Nothing helps you evolve the way nature does…. Have experienced it first hand in the few experiences with the mountains that I have had in the past one year and this time around from a mountain so close but yet never experienced before. Pavagadh –  a humble mountain standing high…. is a mere 45 kms from my hometown Vadodara which is the so called “Cultural Capital” of Gujarat. Pavagadh is located near Champaner a historical city located in the Panchmahal district  which houses the Champaner – Pavagadh Archaelogical Park – A Unesco World Heritage Site . At the summit of Pavagadh… Read morePavagadh – A humble mountain hiding breathtaking experiences

My Clean Kasol – Why We Need To Support Clean kasol?

I am not a preacher, I am just a wanderer who love Himalayas. Recently in the past few years Kasol have become a party spot for the youth who love raves, trance, Nature, Mountains, trekking and many more things. Basically its among the top destinations in India to get high and feel the real presence of Nature. Kasol is one such place for me about which I feel the more I see the less I know. Hence I have written number of posts on this place but recently the last visit of mine was something which really disappointed me. I… Read moreMy Clean Kasol – Why We Need To Support Clean kasol?

10 Hidden Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh This Summer

hidden temple in Himachal pradesh

I wonder why some of the highest situated beautiful places have a temple of their own. Most of the times when I visit such a temple at higher elevation a story related to Pandvas await me. Pandvas were the greatest trekker of all time. They visited most of the high altitude places during their exile and constructed temples or caves at those places. Now in Kalyug all the places visited by Pandvas are the popular trekking destinations for the people like Kamrunaag, Shikari devi, Karol Tibba etc. I haven’t been to Karol tibba but I read about it this morning… Read more10 Hidden Temples To Visit In Himachal Pradesh This Summer

5 Best Places To Travel In India During Summers

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Whether you are planning to visit India from Siberia or you are just an Indian national, planning to travel to some cooler regions of India. Then this blog is for you If you have just seen India on maps, then trust me you have no idea what India is. India is huge in terms of its land mass and due to this; the weather and season changes from place to place. You might be experiencing extreme hot in Northern parts of India but at the same time, if you travel to north-east India, the weather would be totally different. So… Read more5 Best Places To Travel In India During Summers

8.Things That will Make you Proud of Being Himachali!- Himachal Day Special!

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Himachal is such an amazing state that more I try to know about this diverse state the less I know. Home to Himalayas this opulent state is stunning getaway for any bag packer who want to get rid of his or her hectic life. Traveling is something which has always inspired me to write more and more and when you are Himachali then you just have a never ending source of Inspiration. This time I thought of writing about some cool things which only happen in Himachal and you should be really really proud of these Things. 1.Dialect I believe… Read more8.Things That will Make you Proud of Being Himachali!- Himachal Day Special!

10 Best Trekking Routes In Himachal Pradesh You Can’t Miss………

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“Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto”      (If there is a heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here) Although the above lines were used for Srinagar, Kashmir by Emperor Jahangir impressed by its enchanting beauty. But I would like to quote him to describe how beautiful my home state, Himachal Pradesh really is. Himachal Pradesh is truly a heaven on earth with mesmerizing lush green forests, spectacular cool mountains, stunning trekking routes, pristine rivers, friendly people and the weather. It is popular among romancers of nature and trekking fanatics as the place has much… Read more10 Best Trekking Routes In Himachal Pradesh You Can’t Miss………

Some Amazing Facts To Know About Malana Cream!

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Malana, the name is enough. This village has recently become a kind of brand for the youth now days. The fame of cream which this place offers has increased at an exponential rate in the last few years thanks to the social network. Malana village has become so famous in International stoners culture that every weed smoker want to visit this little hamlet in Parvati valley. So today I am going to bring you the list of 10 Interesting facts about Malana cream. THC Content THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol. Which is the principal psychoactive constituent of cannabis. Its condition totally… Read moreSome Amazing Facts To Know About Malana Cream!

Rishikesh | World capital of YOGA | Town on the banks of GANGES

Rishikesh yoga capital of world

Rishikesh, as the title says, is the world yoga capital. It is situated at a height of 372m above mean sea level in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Rishikesh is well known for its yoga ashrams, Ganga Aarti, River Rafting and many other things. Rishikesh is named after Harishikesh – avatar of Vishnu. My friend and I planned that we will go to Rishikesh as soon as I will come back from Goa. But the day I came back from Goa my annoying friend got sick and he said he need at least​ one week to recover. Like this our plan… Read moreRishikesh | World capital of YOGA | Town on the banks of GANGES

Photo Trek To Bijli Mahadev Kullu

lord shiva temple bijlimahadev

Bijli Mahadev is ancient temple of Lord Shiva and  it is “Kash” style temple  that has “Shiva –Lingam”. This temple is situated on the top of the mountain at an altitude of about 2,460m. This temple is situated in such a beautiful place that one can enjoy the view of lush green meadows all around. Bijli Mahadev location is perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of Kullu valley in just one day. From the top one can witness the most beautiful and opulent scenic view which cannot be delineated in words so I decided to share this… Read morePhoto Trek To Bijli Mahadev Kullu