The lost essence of Kheerganga

Kheerganga is situated at an altitude of 2960m approximately. 12km trek to kheerganga falls under the easy category of difficulty level, half of which is normal walk till Rudranaag and another half is mild climb, covered with pine tress which soon opens to the meadows of kheerganga.
On the way to Kheerganga


There are two aspects of the story, one which resident’s of Nakthan tell which is quite funny that’s why I am not sharing it and another which is written on a flex that has been hung on the wall outside the temple.

Temple at Kheerganga
It is believed that in Satyug with Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati’s grace kheer emerged out of ground and flowed into the valley, that’s why its called kheerganga and with Parshuram’s help it was turned into water because they knew that people of kalyug might fight for this. 
You can still find cream like elements in water. It is also believed that by drinking this
Hot water at kheerganga
Rest house in Kheerganga

water some minor skin problems are cured. From then onwards hot water started flowing from where kheer emerged in satyug.

 Women going for collection of fodder and woods


The charm which kheerganga had, has been reduced. Factors that account for this may be lot of tourist attraction to this place which creates hustle and bustle and this hustle and bustle is due to two bollywood movies i.e. Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Zindagi Milegi na Doobara which made every youngster of India a hell of a trekker, lessened water at rudranaag waterfall it may be because “WINTER IS COMING”, wrappers littered around which is hiding the once glittered beauty of the trek route, construction of cafe’s after every 200-300m, wooden bridge at rudranaag replaced by a steel bridge which is now sucking half a fun or may be lack of enthusiasm from my side may be some of the main reasons of lost essence.

Tosh Nala

But something’s never lost there magical powers, they cast a hypnotic spell on you and forcefully make you fall in love with this place like the white turbulent water of parvati river and the tiredness healing water of the spring and stargazing in the middle of the night.
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  1. Wow, man I didn’t knew these stories about Kheerganga though I recently completed this trek up and down in just 6 hours. I have shared my experience of how you can do this trek in total of 6 hours.

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